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0.9382 Definitely one of my favorite music videos - the song is great, and the video director Hiro Murai is definitely one of my favorite current directors in terms of visual style.
0.9089 If anything, I just wish I saw the tops of the islands - the crop that takes out the islands is nice, but feels a bit basic, like a really good stock photo, but even as it is, I think they work.
0.9077 We're still working on a few things, but I think it's a really great theme, and it's been made incredibly easy to implement.
0.8934 Great conception and great execution, feels like something I could discover in a record store
0.8807 I don't know how to really quantify this, but I've met an amazing amount of motivated self-starters.
0.8715 Great looking cover! As a top post of the week, your album has been selected as album cover of the week and will be featured on the sidebar. Congrats!
0.8481 /u/Cannitbe had good advice, so some of this will just be echoing what he said, but for me personally, it feels like a lot of luck.
0.8253 If you have any questions about the film department or UCSC in general, please feel free to ask. And not sure if you've noticed, but happy cakeday!
0.8248 Filmmaking definitely can be very expensive, but I've always thought that financial constraint was one of the best ways to develop your own skills.
0.8235 I like covering part of the gif with my finger and pretending that their noses are actually small, cute little mouths, haha.
0.8172 Best of luck!

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-0.7999 If you go there, let me know if you notice any bugs or anything, but so far, no problems.
-0.7184 Don't be afraid of criticism or poor response.
-0.631 As it has been edited by the submitter, we won't be removing the post, but it will not be eligible for Fake Album Cover of the Week as the core album design elements are not OC.
-0.5994 I find The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi to be more applicable to business and life than The Art of War.
-0.3818 I have to disagree.
-0.3774 In any event, these modern, more realistic game engines prove to be much more complex, often limiting the more quirky, bizarre, or "surreal" aspects you may have seen in gaming during the 1990s.
-0.3612 Is always choosing crime, as Alex does for most of the book and the film, any more of an example of freewill than being influenced by the Ludivico Technique?
-0.34 It's even doubtful other artists would really even use Vantablack if it was off patent anyway, the manufacturing process is rather technical and expensive.
-0.3182 No worries about response time, I'm definitely a little slow to respond myself.
-0.296 Right now we don't have any rules regarding the number of requests you can make, but we want to avoid flooding the subreddit with requests.
-0.2732 Any thoughts on how we can measure effort, in regards to low effort posts?
-0.2411 Even with the Magic Lantern RAW hack, I'm not sure if it still makes sense to buy a 5DMk3 solely for video.