/u/theaveragemedium is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6894 More like singing something very focused.
0.6588 my dad were alcoholist. Hope everything is ok now!
0.6588 Great! .
0.5994 Eruption of super volcano.
0.4767 Total relief.
0.4767 Hanging with friends.
0.4404 This is a good documentary also.
0.4374 I like this trick! NEXT driver!
0.4215 That is a nice looking building.
0.4215 "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
0.4019 That frog pose looks hilarious.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8953 Big or small, kill 'em with fire! [The Worlds Most Dangerous Scorpions] (btw.
-0.659 The most brutal act man can do.
-0.6486 In that day no fucks were given.
-0.6096 [Drowning in Freshwater versus Saltwater: *Why More People Drown in Freshwater*]
-0.5994 "The war never changes."
-0.5574 Exploding street rage.
-0.5574 That is some heavy rambo shit there.
-0.4939 Step four - bully some bull.
-0.4767 That's just sad.
-0.4767 "Those sharp rocks, I can remember those goddamn sharp rocks."
-0.4648 They look like "WTF have we done?"
-0.4466 LOWER expectations.