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0.9398 Hopefully this helps you out a bit, but feel free to message me if you still need help :)
0.9289 First of all KVD Thunderstruck is actually beautiful and blends so wonderfully into the skin so I recommend it so much!!
0.8934 However, Real Techniques makes wonderful brushes and I think they are great brushes and good quality.
0.8779 Happy to be of inspiration :)
0.8511 I really like it, it blends really easily, and the colour is way more flattering on my warmer skintone.
0.8429 V IMPORTANT - I use Shiseido aqualabel sunscreen, got it from an asian supermarket **New products in my routine** * The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (So far, so great!
0.8333 I really like the duo-fiber blending brush from Real Techniques, the Sephora #29 Precision Smudge, the Sephora #31 Airbrush Crease, but I know NYX makes great brushes too!
0.8172 Best of luck to you!
0.8169 Something that really helps me with eyeshadow is definitely using smaller brushes, because it helps me be more precise with my blending and placement.
0.802 Concealers are also a pretty good way to go as well.
0.7964 But honestly as it is, it's a great look on you.

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-0.6424 I tried so hard to resist as well, but I failed.
-0.636 Unfortunately my lower lashes are super weird and look terrible with mascara on :( I do agree about the blush though, I never seem to put enough on!
-0.631 This was the first time wearing it, so I will continue testing it out, but still disappointed.
-0.4753 Sorry about the messy hair!
-0.4717 If i'm not using the beauty blender I usually use the Real Techniques Buffing brush for foundation and the Sephora #57 for concealer.
-0.3597 I checked in the mirror and the center part of my bottom lip had absolutely no product on it, because it crumbled off while eating.
-0.2263 No problem :)
-0.2247 If it really bothers you, you could try lightly adding a dark grey or black shadow to your brows.
-0.1779 Yeah it was a lil clumpy today :(
-0.1655 I tidy up with q-tips, mostly because i struggle more with getting the wing part sharp, but not with evening out the line its self.
0.0 I think someone else already said this, but adding some black liner either in the tight line or just thinly drawn on the lid would really make this look.
0.0 Try the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer!