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0.9246 That's like one of the best fantasies. Some of the mind control stories on literotica are like THE best stories ever.
0.906 10 hours into Mercy, I've always hoped for this to happen. Nice to see us support players can get the play of the game too!
0.8689 Before we were best friends and discussed SM/Femdom a lot, even tried a few non-sexual things like footmassage, facesitting and Bondage.
0.8671 We're kind of happy with that but we all would like to come up with something more creative.
0.8622 This was just great. I love how you taboo this is, once again!
0.8542 I'd love to see more of your beautiful legs.
0.8478 It's nice to know what your partner may be up to - it makes spontaneous games/sessions much easier. *Have fun!
0.8383 Guess most guys would enjoy a bit of femdom if they'd try. I love it!
0.8074 Just wow, that was a pretty intense trip.
0.8023 Feel free to ramble on if you don't get tired of typing, like I said we can use as many ideas as possible.
0.8012 Thank you for making it, it's a really awesome audio!

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-0.6486 OP is dead.
-0.5719 I'm also surprised this it all it takes to get one rocket per minute, hell if I bulldoze my old base except the smelting I'd have enough resources available to do it.
-0.5181 I never laughed so hard watching this series.
-0.4215 How the hell is this a repost? I've lurked here for quite a long time but never came across you.
-0.4019 Also the r/Overwatch Discord server.
-0.3875 But I didn't care about the music after a few minutes anyway...
-0.296 No man could withstand you, Belle.
-0.296 I guess I have no choice now...
-0.2755 And there's nothing like it.
-0.2714 So never say there is no chance even if you are socially awkward!
-0.25 For both of us it's our first relationship and we both thought we would end up forever alone.
-0.2244 No, but it's a gorgeus body anyway!