/u/thatscraigz is very positive!

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0.9861 :D I'm always super pumped to post :D always try to make sure it's something cool because people always have great input and super encouraging :D and gosh...
0.9774 There's smatterings of a lot other games, but those are definitely the main three :) Don't hesitate to give me a shout too if you have any questions, always happy to help :D
0.9763 Rough but so well worth it :) thanks for the encouragement man :D
0.9755 So thank you, cause honestly that's the best kind of compliment, I really appreciate the support :D don't ever hesitate to give a shout!
0.9731 :D it's honestly just been so much fun to make, granted there's a LOT to do still, but just easy to get excited about it :) Sorry for the late reply :D Holiday madness!
0.9683 :D pleasure to see you on here friend :) thanks for the congratulations!
0.9572 thank you so much :) that really gets me pumped to hear :D I've been in super hermit mode lately again xD GAH!
0.9553 haha :D thanks man :) Hope you've been doing well!!
0.9544 Dahhhh you made my day :D been a rough couple weeks, so that's super encouraging :) As I was reading I was like dang...
0.9493 Hope you're doing well :) I'm super stoked to have started on some unit command stuff ;) it's super lite still, lots to do still.
0.9456 My internet literally exploded and I'm still reeling from it lol :D glad I could give some inspiration, THE DREAM IS REAL!

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-0.8224 :) I currently don't have any reward for killing bigger enemies yet.
-0.7906 **M0ar Info:** The enemy who kills you grows in power .
-0.7075 Look at me segway into HOW UNDERSTATED YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR LAST PROJECT! Seriously that's so sick!
-0.6996 That's you getting killed!
-0.6597 so if they keep killing you, umm...
-0.5972 #4 was sick!!
-0.5859 I was getting some weird broken http stuff from imgur this morning..?
-0.4926 Even though I sometimes suck at taking them because I'm originally from the the midwest but... BOOM!
-0.4574 Sorry for the crazy late reply!
-0.4389 It's been craziness!
-0.419 So why on EARTH should they not get rewarded for beating you :P gah!