/u/tgjer is kind of a dick.

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0.9109 It worships the works of inspired but ultimately human authors, instead of making productive use of those texts as tools to better understand an ineffable divine.
0.8957 Ymmv, but I love watermelon feta salads and similar dishes that mix cheese and sweet ingredients.
0.8508 Which is one of the many reasons why my church very actively encourages same gender couples to seek marriage blessings.
0.8074 It's still pretty great, it's just not Italian.
0.7698 And this extremely safe, gentle, temporary treatment, is recognized as medically appropriate and necessary by every actual medical authority.
0.7198 "Natural" does not mean "healthy." Cancer is natural.
0.7088 Yana!Master apparently had some level of control, making sure he came back young and strong.
0.6808 I liked them and wish they had continued using them. But if someone thinks it was a poor design choices, that's irrelevant to whether they want there to be better LGBT representation in Trek.
0.6808 When the little boys who just liked dolls or little girls who just liked sports grew up and weren't trans, they were deemed to have "outgrown" GID.
0.6808 A small but growing number of trans people are updating their social security cards, birth certificates, and passports before they turn 18.
0.6369 I'm in Bed-Stuy now, and love it here.

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-0.9377 Shit happens, but crime is low given the size of the population, and generally speaking it's interpersonal crime.
-0.9242 /uj drunk me has a masochistic streak, and tends to go looking for the really nasty shit posts.
-0.8961 And if you don't like being a dickless eunuch with breasts and an ass like Nicki Minaj, tough shit.
-0.8844 A deli in the neighborhood was selling "spice", marketed as synthetic marijuana but *much* more dangerous, and 33 people overdosed on a bad batch.
-0.8834 A broken leg sure as hell isn't genetic, I guess they can be left to be crippled or die too.
-0.8832 A child isn't "physically fine" if they're dead, and 40% of trans children prevented from transitioning attempt suicide.
-0.882 People have been shot on my block, but it was personal fights and/or drug deals gone bad.
-0.8689 Evil Universe Kira used bisexuality like Evil Spock used a goatee - an easy way to remember who's the evil one.
-0.8555 This is quite literally life saving medical treatment. Forcing a child to go through puberty as the wrong gender has permanent, severe negative effects.
-0.8519 There is no such thing as a "black brain" or a "white brain." Withholding medical treatment from children who need it, destroys lives and kills people.
-0.8519 The horror of going through puberty as the wrong gender is difficult to adequately express.
-0.8479 I'd have put up with a hell of a lot more pain than those cramps before cooperating with that.