/u/tgjer is kind of a dick.

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0.91 A great chance to try a wide variety of interesting, delicious, unique beers, ciders and meads. * The Dusty Swan Irish pub, music venue, and cinema.
0.872 If someone just has gender variant interests or personality traits or fashion preferences, and is perfectly happy with them, that's not dysphoria.
0.8555 Link is to a short, amazing sermon he gave in NYC a while back, in honor of Gay Pride day and the anniversary of Stonewall.
0.8313 Dignity Catholic, the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, Anthem Network Evangelicals, etc. FWIW, I'm Episcopalian, and our church is very welcoming.
0.8275 Which means she almost certainly has a family around her who are actively working to protect and help her.
0.8173 :) I was very lucky to grow up with overwhelmingly welcoming religious communities.
0.8126 "Get medical treatment if you need it" is a pretty good Biblical solution.
0.8074 Look at frequently amazing art sculptures, many of which are interactive and/or monumentally huge. Wander around a city of 70,000 people and see what they brought to share.
0.7774 Some are just unbelievably huge, and often very beautiful.
0.7717 That place was like Tutankhamun's tomb when I was 8, a glorious time capsule full of books and toys dating from the late 40's through the 70's.
0.7642 Marriage to another man is a holy and valid expression of the divinely given capacity for human love and intimacy. Your condescending pity is neither useful nor welcome.

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-0.9211 Bring the body into alignment with the brain, and change one's life so one is no longer being mistaken for the wrong gender anymore. Fix the problems causing distress, and it goes away.
-0.91 Dhejne specifically identified the higher rates of abuse and discrimination trans people suffered 28+ years ago as the source of greater risk of suicide among this population. Dr.
-0.9032 Not a "donkeys can't sleep in bathtubs" crime that's on the books but never enforced - an actual crime, that people were still being arrested for.
-0.899 Nearly a century's worth of attempting to change patients' gender identity have left nothing but a wake of suicide and ruined lives. Transition, however, works.
-0.8807 In Idaho it could be punishable by *life in prison.* Michigan had a maximum penalty of 15 years for a first offense, and life in prison for "repeat offenders". That was in 2003.
-0.8774 Medical transition alone wont resolve the effects of crushing social oppression: social anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress.***
-0.8519 That discrimination, abuse, violence, etc., takes a toll.
-0.8481 As a dead horse topic that has been discussed to death.
-0.8225 This wasn't just considered morally unacceptable, it was considered gravely dangerous to the entire community.
-0.7959 Muslims/Arabs are backwards violent barbarians, they're all gonna die!"* Not that long ago in the US, arrests for gay sex were common.
-0.7927 National identities existed, but the entire idea that humanity could be broken down into distinct groups on the basis of physical appearance didn't. And yes, even physical sex is a social construct.
-0.7845 This conflict causes one hell of a mindfuck.