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0.9283 I would have liked improvement, but my SAT score was pretty high, so I'm happy with it.
0.8885 UF admissions are "a crapshoot," but I'm hoping for the best.
0.8625 Both tend more towards ethics than psychology, but the two go hand in hand.
0.8519 University of Pittsburgh has a pretty generous merit aid program too, along with the University of Miami.
0.8381 Your stats aren't horrible, and you've still got a pretty good shot at both schools.
0.8176 USC has a good merit scholarship; half-tuition is given to Natl Merit Finalists.
0.8157 So you won't be alone! You never specified exactly where you live on the East Coast, but I'd definitely recommend applying to one or two in-state public schools as a backup, in general.
0.802 I guess I should just fill out the Natl Merit application as you said - it's up to them to determine if I'm a good fit or not.
0.7964 I'm not very experienced with essay writing , but that sounds like a good essay topic.
0.7959 Note that I did take 4 years of physics in high school, and did pretty well. Thank you!
0.7783 Admissions officers would be happier reading that, and you'd be happier writing about that.

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-0.5719 Should I shy away from chemical engineering and pursue mechanical due to my lack of experience in the hard science?
-0.5542 It's apparently quite the stressful school.
-0.5423 It's that bad.
-0.4574 There's no "congratulations!" or anything - just a green checkmark indicating your acceptance, and I'm guessing a red "X" for rejection.
-0.4404 The aluminum trim is what makes them freak out the most.
-0.4215 You won't know if there's any disadvantage if you don't try.
-0.4019 If not, you may run into trouble.
-0.3612 I'm a Canadian living in the US, and I've heard from my cousins about their friends all fighting to get in and then suffering under the heavy workload at UofT.
-0.357 Least favorite would have to be Neo Roanoke and Mr.
-0.3412 "Titanic team" = Team America That's not a good epithet, I think.
-0.34 The shooter opened fire in Terminal 2 of the airport.
-0.296 This entire album is gold; "Mambo no.