/u/tattoo_biker_1971 is very positive!

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42Overall Score
45Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8395 Looks like that sweet wet pussy needs a real good licking!!
0.8264 Love to give that a real good licking!!
0.7767 I say that sweet pussy needs a real good licking!!!
0.7597 Ok since you asked so nicely!!
0.7405 Awesome !!!!!
0.7326 Absolutely gorgeous!!!
0.7263 One good rub brings on a real good tug!
0.7249 Love those boobs!!!
0.7249 Love hearing you!!!
0.7237 Absolutely fantastic ass!!!!!
0.7237 Absolutely fantastic body!!!!!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7067 No doubt in my mind!!!!
-0.6868 You are so damn hot!!!!!!
-0.6323 So damn hot!!!!!
-0.6103 Hell yeah!!
-0.4559 Shoot till ya hit the target!!
0.0 Pussy looks so tasty!!!
0.0 Absolutely perfect!!!!
0.0 Let the girls breathe!!!!
0.0 All I can eat right??
0.0 We will work up too rough!!!
0.0 All I can eat ??
0.0 Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!