/u/tatersgonnatot is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9287 I would love to lick it all morning while I reach up and play with your gorgeous breasts :)
0.9231 Yes, and tight and wet and delicious and beautiful :)
0.899 Technically, you're sitting, you know, but that is one yummy, beautiful pussy.
0.8934 Well, that looks like a lovely and fun start to the day.
0.8516 This is your best post of many amazing posts!
0.8402 Gorgeous body, gorgeous nipples.
0.836 I love your wonderful breasts.
0.836 And I certainly would spend hours worshipping and exploring your beautiful body and luscious lips.
0.8186 Those nipples look so fun :)
0.8176 Well, you fit right in here with those beautiful breasts.
0.802 It's for the best :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 I might fuck you a lot harder than that,though, and get your tits really going!
-0.5104 These choices are kinda stressful!
-0.34 Yes, in the worst way.
-0.296 I mean, no, I would not behave.
-0.2263 The sound of your tits smacking together makes me cum.
-0.1226 I have so many dirty thoughts with you in them, if you're interested in hearing them.
-0.1027 Looks like you've got some things to suck on, too.
-0.0516 You certainly rock the hell out of a t-shirt and jeans :)
-0.0258 Haha, I sense some apprehension.
0.0 Your nipples!!!!
0.0 Looking hotter than ever!
0.0 Looks so lickable.