/u/tatersgonnatot is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8762 I don't know but I'd sure love to try!
0.8258 Fucking great :)
0.8251 You look fucking great naked :)
0.8186 Those nipples look so fun :)
0.802 It's for the best :)
0.7964 Yum, you look great :)
0.7901 Mmm, that looks like the best breakfast!
0.7889 That's really sexy :)
0.7876 But lemme know cuz I can be sensible and comfortable like your favorite, go-to pair or sexy and fun but with a bit of pain like those you know are bad for you but look great.
0.7845 Such a beautiful body :)
0.7845 Beautiful :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 I might fuck you a lot harder than that,though, and get your tits really going!
-0.5104 These choices are kinda stressful!
-0.4588 You know all the boys are your class are beating off to you, right?
-0.4547 You have one incredibly fine ass!
-0.4019 I want to play with your nipples while I fuck your tits.
-0.3804 I came really hard for your tits.
-0.3595 I've missed this body!
-0.296 I mean, no, I would not behave.
-0.296 That is no hyperbole.
-0.2263 The sound of your tits smacking together makes me cum.
-0.1226 I have so many dirty thoughts with you in them, if you're interested in hearing them.
-0.0516 You certainly rock the hell out of a t-shirt and jeans :)