/u/tar-man is very positive!

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0.8885 Hahaha well i'm good at entertaining
0.8779 Thank you, I like to think I take good care of my skin
0.8555 You'll love it, trust me ;)
0.8374 :p thank you :D
0.8335 Hah so am I :p Thanks :)
0.8313 I'm a priceless, one of a kind masterpiece!
0.8271 Well they get a lot of love these days :p
0.8183 You're always so very kind :)
0.7624 He was very bitey bitey :p The left side of my face was super pink too.
0.7574 She's a stunner, I hope we'll have more fun soon
0.7506 How kind :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6871 I do BUT I don't send stuff like this so don't get your hopes up
-0.599 Hmm, no, not really haha
-0.3626 It's a little tricky to get into, and i've only worn it 'out' once.
-0.3182 I struggle to get it on most days it's that tight
-0.2942 nips n tits n hips!
-0.2698 But I recommend wearing socks so your toes don't poke out of the fishnets which can get kind of irritating!
-0.2023 stealing this to put on my fetlife profile, thanks.
0.0 It was/is going to be a MFF
0.0 I got it at a convention last summer.
0.0 The girl who made it has her own site here http://www.8thsincreations.co.uk/
0.0 it's on for next week!