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0.9588 Yeah Rowlet's cool :) You can keep the magnemite, it has the HA so I hope it might be useful someday, Lapras is ready!
0.9432 Also, I wanted to thank you for your dedication to pokemon related news, it has been my favorite pokemon news site for many years :) Best of luck!
0.9298 I actually bred a magnemite myself, but I gave up on HP fire eventually, breeding for a perfect stat is fine but nearly perfect is almost impossible haha.
0.9286 Thanks for the reply, I agree that the story in gen 5 is great, and I also loved the sequels even more!
0.926 You can keep the minior as a thanks, I hope it might be useful to you, it should have a nice nature and iv's :)
0.908 Or I could just breed it to perfectness and will be able to spread the love with others, which I guess sounds even better!
0.9039 :) I gave a magnemite out of a box with nicely bred pokemon, I really hope I gave you a nice one!
0.8979 I appreciate the breedject offer, but I already have a alolan vulpix bred and fully trained, so you could just send it off on wondertrade or something and make a stranger happy :)
0.8932 Sure I'll help you out, real kind of you to offer a breedject :) I'd like the squirtle if that's okay!
0.8653 Haha yeah, at least now there's a chance of a HP fire one hatching :) I just noticed the ball too, really cool!
0.8553 Thanks for the Mareanie, it'll really come in handy :) Enjoy your shiny Artemis!

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-0.6476 No worries though!
-0.5859 Actually, I'm looking for a HP Fire magnemite myself, do you happen to have a breedject with HP Fire you don't need anymore?
-0.5617 I used to do that too, until last year my DS got stolen on the train so I'm a little bit more cautious now.
-0.5574 Shit happens right?
-0.5423 Ah, that's too bad.
-0.5256 Thanks, these last few weeks have been very stressful for me you know, damn bridge keeps breaking.
-0.4926 Alright, no problem!
-0.4767 Gilding this would prove me wrong, I suppose.
-0.4767 I don't really think about it anymore, and it could've been worse.
-0.438 I'm available, but I just noticed you don't have an active TSV thread.
-0.4019 Yeah no problem, I've got some time this weekend, will you be available then?
-0.3899 It just annoys me a bit when people don't want to help others but still expect service.