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0.9348 A.L.L.A as a whole is under looked, some people see it as mediocre but to me it's easily his best and most creative project
0.9209 I wouldn't say 'ripoff'' but it's definitely inspired, not only by "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" but also by his late friend Capital STEEZ' mixtape "Amerikkkan Koruption".
0.9201 Yeah always awesome to be part of a civil discussion like this, in a site where the quantity of salt is huge haha.
0.9022 Not my favourite from his new album but it's still alright, best tracks for me on it would be Yeah Right and BagBak
0.899 It has all the traits of a generic lofi beat but it's executed pretty well though haha
0.8957 Thank you man, appreciate the praise for the arrangement cause that was probably the hardest thing to get right, haha.
0.8957 thanks for the feedback, for your track the main melody is pretty nice, it would've been better if the layered piano was a littler softer and had a little more reverb.
0.8957 Easily the best song on Culture for me, Takeoff's flow is at it's best here and Quavo and Offset do their thing.
0.8785 maybe a little too inspired now that I look back on it :/ Thanks for the feedback man, for your track, nujabes sample is cool and those drums fit nicely over them.
0.8779 the first person on the track was the best imo, if that was you then good job haha
0.872 Ah okay, that trick to extend the original image was pretty clever, props.

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-0.6158 808s were a bit too distorted and it didn't really fit the vibe of the beat.
-0.5334 I got a pad-like element with the rhodes, texture with the choir and strings and a lead with the flute, not sure what else I can add without overdoing it haha.
-0.5267 Even in trap beats this happens, for example in Kendrick Lamar's DNA, with the addition of another melody in the first half, the engineered drops, take out the kick before a drop, etc.
-0.5267 Dre beat, ["Deep Cover"], for Disgusting.
-0.4767 I think it's a piano that was put through the "1/2 Effect" in Gross Beat.
-0.4449 For your track I think the hi-hat you chose didn't fit well with the rest of the track, the snare could also have been swapped for something a little sharper.
-0.4019 https://soundcloud.com/mc-takuno/red-season My attempt at a high-tempo trap beat that goes hard.
-0.4005 I haven't delved into edm production much yet so I've never encountered that kind of crazy wobbling bass.
-0.3544 Snare sounded thin and the hi-hat sample wasn't the best, kick sounded okay though.
-0.34 Cole - She Knows, A Tale Of 2 Citiez, Fire Squad, Neighbors Migos - T-Shirt, Get Right Witcha, Slippery
-0.3378 At 1:20 the kick was super distorted, i dont know if that was intentional but it didnt really fit in the beat.
-0.296 too much change ups in the beat will distract the listener though so keep that in mind.