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0.8968 Not as good a producer as I'd like to be but this is my best beat, for what it's worth: https://soundcloud.com/mc-takuno/elsewhere
0.8885 If you're looking for someone with an energetic and aggressive flow like Eminem, I'd recommend Denzel Curry, his latest project *Imperial* is his best work so far.
0.8779 He had great technical ability as well, which allowed him to make ultra-precise inch-perfect passes to make goal scoring opportunities.
0.8777 That's what I'm hoping for as well :) Thanks!
0.8742 This sounds really nice, I like the piano's melody and those drums sound great on it.
0.868 Any tips on how I can improve would be greatly appreciated :)
0.8658 If you liked College Dropout & MBDTF, you should definitely listen to Late Registration, it's Kanye's best album in my opinion.
0.857 Only suggestion I would give is to remove 'The' from the title but otherwise it's pretty good!
0.8268 This is great, enjoyed it very much!
0.7943 That seems like a mashup between Rejex & B4.DA.$$, I'm looking for something focused solely on Rejex and a little more simplistic and clean.
0.7906 Still a great player to have in the starting 11 of course, will be good to see how he does in the coming months.

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-0.7163 holy shit what a strike!!!
-0.6922 The lyrics are okay, Your flow sounds alright at times but at some points of the track it feels forced, maybe it was because the rhyme scheme of the song didn't fit with your flow.
-0.6841 Yup, as soon as Pennyroyal came on I instantly recognized it as a beat used in 1999, had no idea it was an MF DOOM instrumental beforehand.
-0.6344 Damn, so there's no motd2 for liverpool - stoke & southampton - tottenham?
-0.5574 O shit, didn't realize my favourite player & I have the same birthday.
-0.5106 Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Thieves In The Night 3.
-0.4927 I can see what you mean, there could be another sound to compliment the flute but I'm not sure what the missing puzzle piece is yet.
-0.4767 https://soundcloud.com/mc-takuno/apotos-night Experimenting with Gross Beat for the first time and came up with this.
-0.4767 I made one but unfortunately I havent got anything yet.
-0.3182 I hope this series doesn't start to get worn out though, that would be unfortunate.
-0.2484 https://soundcloud.com/mc-takuno/sets/first-batch My first ever instrumental tape, started taking producing more seriously a few months ago and these are my favourite tracks that I have produced.
-0.2263 From there you can just drag it into your DAW .