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0.9442 Winter is an awesome theme, I hope I have a few Wintery ideas left and best of luck to everyone with final exams too ;)
0.9441 Prizes are great and entering contests is how I met Rich and many awesome musicians!
0.9391 Definitely bring back bands that have played before, they have great experience and bring more energetic audiences and creative shows!
0.9381 Charles Ritz - Legendary Hero - It felt like a great PBS special, lots of well-done shots in a cool effect! 4.
0.9259 Awesome work, definitely share your work at r/VGCovers we love this kind of stuff!
0.9217 I hope you all dig it, hopefully that doesn't sound to self-promotiony since it benefits our favorite game makers, and rock on :)
0.9184 Beautiful rigs, I always was fascinated by the JEM's tone range and I'm sure you'll be enjoying them!
0.9158 Be sure to throw it at /r/VGCovers, we love cool covers there :D
0.9117 Posting on behalf of mod /u/richaad, he is hosting a great contest to strive to make the best cover, 3-5 minutes, of your favorite game, movie, tv, etc music!
0.9081 Beautiful axe and happy NGD indeed, I love those 80s hair guitars especially because they're as individual as it gets.
0.908 This one was made special for my friends at Project Destati, glad you enjoyed it!

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-0.6808 Finally, I run the same DI into basically a Guitar Tone, with a 5150 Peavey Amp, tight compression, and I EQ most of the mids to stand out and compress this one to all hell.
-0.5859 They were blocking off other strings to avoid rattle and extra noise .
-0.4588 I tend to have a low shelf reducing those ominous lows from the lead tracks while emphasizing the melody with small boosts around 1k or so.
-0.4574 If you're having trouble collaborating or finding possible collaborators , I listed out some of the things I did to change that!
-0.3612 I think you cover more ground frequentially-speaking, and one side's mistakes or mistiming could compensate another's?
-0.3612 What you end up having to balance there, of course, is how messy and muddy it might sound.
-0.2808 Wish I had a replacement given :C
-0.2023 You would pay 10 USD upfront for each cover to pay for licensing costs/hosting costs, and it could go to Spotify, iTunes, etc.
-0.1759 If I might make a quick suggestion, throw your rhythm guitar tracks hard 100% left and 100% right!
-0.128 It just takes 20-30 seconds to load each instance compared to 5s for Guitar Rig ...
-0.1027 You can also use Distrokid, a more expensive option where you pay an annual user fee of around 20USD and around 12USD a year for each cover.
-0.1007 I always shoot to keep a bit of the original song while stirring in more styles!