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0.9158 Be sure to throw it at /r/VGCovers, we love cool covers there :D
0.8805 Very cool stuff dude, and going forward I think you might enjoy throwing in your own drums and giving a full metal makeover :)
0.8779 haha appreciate it man, hope you like way too much Zelda \m/
0.8735 I've also played an RGD used that was pretty firm, but the JP neck is just a bit better for me .
0.8718 Congrats, it was such a creative style and now we get to move into the fun world of danceable music!
0.8588 Are there plans to release more soundtracks in the United States for these beautiful songs? Thank you!
0.8323 The pianist David Russell has the absolute best sense of timing and improvisation, made it so nice to work with.
0.8294 I hope I can find it from start but, best day of my life.
0.8122 I've played all 3, and I would say the JP7 is the most comfortable guitar I've played in these price ranges.
0.8066 I'm so happy because Red's my favorite and this is my first red one!
0.7845 Thanks man, glad you stuck around :)

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-0.807 And hell yeah, Star Wars is my life!
-0.7906 Bad bot bad.
-0.5423 Right, I just wanted to save the trouble this time no worries.
-0.4939 I have removed this video for being in violation of Rule #4.
-0.3612 It's a made up word used to confuse students. Also, might be wrong, but Who replaces who .
-0.3382 Bass is in drop A!
-0.3164 I made a bit of a Progressive-Metal/Rock cover of the House of Cards Theme in just shy of 1-2 days!
-0.296 Instrument means the expected volume is a bit lower so it shifts noise floor differently.
-0.2808 Wish I had a replacement given :C
-0.2263 You can license all covers and music so long as it has a legal release in US, unfortunately the name is SwigglesRP .
-0.126 Pm me here or on Discord when you have all the tracks lined up and ready to mix!
-0.1007 I remember hearing this one right as I found Rito and just chilling for a while!