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0.8805 Very cool stuff dude, and going forward I think you might enjoy throwing in your own drums and giving a full metal makeover :)
0.8779 haha appreciate it man, hope you like way too much Zelda \m/
0.8718 Congrats, it was such a creative style and now we get to move into the fun world of danceable music!
0.8588 Are there plans to release more soundtracks in the United States for these beautiful songs? Thank you!
0.8436 Yes, its close to no money at all for my moderately smallish channel and I highly recommend looking into licensing your works as well, buuuut congrats on having views come in!
0.8323 The pianist David Russell has the absolute best sense of timing and improvisation, made it so nice to work with.
0.8313 Suffice to say, I love the 34 to 37" scale, pickups and Darkglass Preamp give you so much carving room, and it's very comfortable. Demo: https://youtu.be/9RAEMYA1ISo
0.8172 Best of luck, maybe the Pixel Mixers Discord will help too!
0.8016 I do like the sound of the D'Addario Recycle Centers as well, and I've gotten a free pack for every 4-5 I buy!
0.7845 Thanks man, glad you stuck around :)
0.7809 This round seemed like we got fewer entrants but the villainous themes were present nonetheless including one of my old favorites from Team Friesen FTW!

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-0.807 And hell yeah, Star Wars is my life!
-0.6486 I goofed and it came out Medium Well by accident though I've failed you
-0.5574 Hard to steal a signature bass of someone else tho
-0.4939 I have removed this video for being in violation of Rule #4.
-0.4019 I had trouble watching cartoons with a buddy preupdate on a GTX1070, AMD FX8320 system .
-0.3612 It's a made up word used to confuse students. Also, might be wrong, but Who replaces who .
-0.3412 I frequent r djent so I do get it, werners a beast and I didn't dv funny enough...
-0.34 Not doubting you at all I just have questions on how the average redditor ya know...
-0.3382 Bass is in drop A!
-0.3164 I made a bit of a Progressive-Metal/Rock cover of the House of Cards Theme in just shy of 1-2 days!
-0.2516 I have a slightly odd setup since I do music-work, so my USB interface is 48khz .
-0.2263 You can license all covers and music so long as it has a legal release in US, unfortunately the name is SwigglesRP .