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0.9259 Awesome work, definitely share your work at r/VGCovers we love this kind of stuff!
0.9158 Be sure to throw it at /r/VGCovers, we love cool covers there :D
0.9081 Beautiful axe and happy NGD indeed, I love those 80s hair guitars especially because they're as individual as it gets.
0.908 This one was made special for my friends at Project Destati, glad you enjoyed it!
0.9041 Thank you Bif, love the feedback and I hope to entertain you again next month!
0.8805 Very cool stuff dude, and going forward I think you might enjoy throwing in your own drums and giving a full metal makeover :)
0.8735 I've also played an RGD used that was pretty firm, but the JP neck is just a bit better for me .
0.8718 If you're interested definitely hit me up, I love chatting tones!
0.8718 Congrats, it was such a creative style and now we get to move into the fun world of danceable music!
0.8398 E1M1 was a request and I normally don't metal-cover songs that are metal, but glad you liked parts of it any how!
0.8338 If I get a chance to play an 8 string or do some very careful pitch-tuning, definitely want to try BFG!

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-0.7906 Bad bot bad.
-0.5423 Right, I just wanted to save the trouble this time no worries.
-0.4939 I have removed this video for being in violation of Rule #4.
-0.4588 I tend to have a low shelf reducing those ominous lows from the lead tracks while emphasizing the melody with small boosts around 1k or so.
-0.3612 It's a made up word used to confuse students. Also, might be wrong, but Who replaces who .
-0.296 Instrument means the expected volume is a bit lower so it shifts noise floor differently.
-0.2808 Wish I had a replacement given :C
-0.2023 You would pay 10 USD upfront for each cover to pay for licensing costs/hosting costs, and it could go to Spotify, iTunes, etc.
-0.126 Pm me here or on Discord when you have all the tracks lined up and ready to mix!
-0.1027 You can also use Distrokid, a more expensive option where you pay an annual user fee of around 20USD and around 12USD a year for each cover.
-0.1007 I remember hearing this one right as I found Rito and just chilling for a while!
-0.077 Very cool to have a rippin playlist of Battle songs here!