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0.9291 I'm not a minecraft person myself, but I think it's really awesome to see how many different permutations of it exist and the fact that there are survivor series based on it is freaking awesome.
0.9246 My editing got a lot better over time and MO's first half is pretty shaky from just an editing perspective, though the cast is great and the post-merge is awesome.
0.906 College survivor will be great for Will--he can improve his Survivor resume and his actual resume at the same time!
0.9041 You make a really good point -- casting and storytelling are really what have always made survivor exceptional, and my goal was always to recreate those two things to the best of my ability.
0.887 I would love to see this twist incorporated with a One World concept, which is part of what made it work so great for me
0.886 wow this is easily the best AMA we've had on this site
0.886 And I certainly understand the desire of being a puppetmaster and watching friends go through this...that's what inspired me to do the same.
0.8856 But I certainly wouldn't fear a doomsday "every interesting person is leaving!!" scenario.
0.8757 At least with this, even the pre-merge production value of Season 2 won't seem as bad -- but my editing definitely gets better with time.
0.8567 I haven't been able to watch the episodes in full yet, but from what I did look at, it looks like there's some really fun stuff!
0.8553 Hopefully r/survivor fares better than Maryland likely will Optimism!

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-0.8271 To add a few details: Danny and Alex basically ran the season -- Danny was sort of the Boston Rob of the season and lost to a bitter jury.
-0.7351 On Caleb: "We know he will kill it in challenges" o.O
-0.5994 Unfortunately not yet...I'm still chugging through the ridiculous hundreds of hours of footage.
-0.5283 She said she didn't like what the game turned her into, beyond just the conflict with other people.
-0.4588 It's forced typecasting that's the issue.
-0.357 I have never stopped loving this
-0.34 Do we know that sarah would have actually thrown the ring in the fire when the situation came to it?
-0.296 though rewatching Outback for me is brutal, just knowing how much better I could have been in editing.
-0.296 When it came to the vote, Alex and danny decided that Schuble was too big of a threat to take to the end, but Danny ultimately threw his vote to "keep his word" to Schuble.
-0.2006 more complex than that -- it was sort of a combination of a lot of things, one of them being that the end of TT was really tough on a personal level for her.
-0.1761 It's so hard for people to understand how real it can be until they actually get inside the game.
-0.1531 Schuble won 6 immunities to get to f4, but lost in a tiebreaker to Danny at the last one and they took him out.