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0.9542 There was certainly luck involved, particularly with rocks, but in seasons with multiple strong players I think you inevitably need luck to win
0.906 Wow I even earned a great guy compliment!
0.906 College survivor will be great for Will--he can improve his Survivor resume and his actual resume at the same time!
0.9013 Thanks so much and love to hear you're enjoying it!
0.8957 I personally like survivor Maryland a lot o.O Also I think survivor Canada is pretty enjoyable
0.8949 If anything, I think TT before GG is fine because it's a great season and GG does spoil a couple outcomes
0.8903 I also have a one world element to my seasons and I think that makes it more fun, so I'd love to see survivor combine both.
0.886 wow this is easily the best AMA we've had on this site
0.8807 There's a great rhap podcast with someone who had edited some survivor, definitely worth a listen.
0.8615 Hope you enjoy the rest of the season, it gets really really good
0.8567 I haven't been able to watch the episodes in full yet, but from what I did look at, it looks like there's some really fun stuff!

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-0.7385 Hey this debate is fun but just a thought: If every redditor who upvoted his thread had donated to lung cancer research, we'd be $150 closer to a cure!
-0.7351 On Caleb: "We know he will kill it in challenges" o.O
-0.6323 So damn pumped for you!!!!
-0.6177 I really don't understand how this sub can regularly turn on people from one sentence, especially in a ridiculously tense tribal 30 days in with the entire rest of the game at stake.
-0.5994 Unfortunately not yet...I'm still chugging through the ridiculous hundreds of hours of footage.
-0.5267 Horribly edited.
-0.4588 Dude who put it together should be tossed in a fire like a fake idol.
-0.34 Maryland Outback has crazy post-merge strategy.
-0.296 When it came to the vote, Alex and danny decided that Schuble was too big of a threat to take to the end, but Danny ultimately threw his vote to "keep his word" to Schuble.
-0.296 Understand the confusion though.
-0.296 They don't know what they're missing
-0.2479 As someone who has watched people go through this - with incredibly lower stakes and no starvation - the commenters here cannot fathom how stressful this game is.