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0.9366 Yup, she's definitely the cute one, I think I just appear cute due to proximity very glad you liked it CC!
0.9336 Haha thanks, I couldn't think of anything else to call it xD Be sure to let us know how you liked it!
0.9098 It takes a special kind of girl to see a 90 minute audio and think "you know, I think I'll edge for that WHOLE THING!" xD Sounds like it was worth it, glad we could overwhelm you
0.891 Thank you indy, I think we're pretty good together too haha
0.8777 Lol yep, she survived too thank you bookie!
0.8689 Welcome, you have a lovely voice :)
0.8683 Haha thanks, we definitely don't plan to stop any time soon!
0.8643 Thanks very much Gent, pleased you enjoyed it!
0.8592 Very glad to hear you liked it that's why I recommended, because it's not quite as harsh as the title and tags make it sound.
0.8591 If you're clear and polite, you'll have a much better chance :)
0.8588 Haha that seems to be the consensus, I'm glad you could enjoy it without knowing skyrim!

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-0.5574 Shit, i can't wait either lol..
-0.5423 We don't really do the whole book club analysis thing, we just make snarky and perverted comments during the movie
-0.4404 I don't think there's any worry of interference at all..
-0.4118 Frustratingly difficult at times, but man it's addictive.
-0.3818 I don't quite understand what you're requesting....a ramblefap with no moaning or telling you what I would do?
-0.3802 Hey if you didn't, the movie would be short and boring!
-0.3612 If you might be embarrassed by TSA pulling a dildo out of your carry-on , then check the sex toys with your other luggage.
-0.3595 No need for sorries, and I can't see how there would be any interference hakuna matata!
-0.296 Lol no worries, I know how life can get.
-0.2714 All these strange words!
-0.0772 Then ask yourself if it makes enough sense for someone to make an audio out of. I'm not trying to be rude, just trying to help you get your request filled.
-0.0772 Nope, impossible sorry.