/u/supersecretsecretalt is very positive!

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0.8968 Excellent, very glad you enjoyed!
0.891 Thank you indy, I think we're pretty good together too haha
0.8777 Lol yep, she survived too thank you bookie!
0.8683 Haha thanks, we definitely don't plan to stop any time soon!
0.8643 Thanks very much Gent, pleased you enjoyed it!
0.8591 If you're clear and polite, you'll have a much better chance :)
0.8588 And it's a pleasure getting your sweet comments, thank you bookie!
0.8573 Thanks BB, very pleased you liked it!
0.836 Glad you liked it Mia it helped for sure...we'll have to see about the original scenario, I have to be in the right mood haha
0.8316 I find it pretty effective, like an auditory curtain drop/raise, or fade to black.
0.8297 We absolutely do, and we enjoy comments like yours quite a lot too thank you morgan!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 Have we found /u/SuplexLemon's evil twin - PiledriverLime?!
-0.6476 Aww there's no need to be embarrassed or sorry!
-0.5574 Shit, i can't wait either lol..
-0.4767 I'm a terrible person and haven't actually seen it.
-0.4118 Frustratingly difficult at times, but man it's addictive.
-0.3818 I don't quite understand what you're requesting....a ramblefap with no moaning or telling you what I would do?
-0.3612 Reading your post again, I see you don't mean just a scene change, sorry for my confusion.
-0.3612 Sadly I'll be missing the movie this week myself We have many different tastes in comedy in the group.
-0.3612 If you might be embarrassed by TSA pulling a dildo out of your carry-on , then check the sex toys with your other luggage.
-0.3384 Say the first scene is in a bar, I'll add in ambient bar chatter at a very low volume.
-0.3024 Alternatively if there is no need for ambiance, I'll be a little less aggressive with Noise Reduction in Audacity, which leaves just a little bit of hiss in the recording.
-0.296 -checks watch- RIP Mia