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0.9366 Yup, she's definitely the cute one, I think I just appear cute due to proximity very glad you liked it CC!
0.9336 Haha thanks, I couldn't think of anything else to call it xD Be sure to let us know how you liked it!
0.9098 It takes a special kind of girl to see a 90 minute audio and think "you know, I think I'll edge for that WHOLE THING!" xD Sounds like it was worth it, glad we could overwhelm you
0.8908 Hope you enjoy it again, thank you so much for your continued support!
0.882 Well thank you very much, I have quite a bit more like this in my history as well...feel free to poke around!
0.8689 Welcome, you have a lovely voice :)
0.8653 Very glad I could make you laugh miyu, that was my goal with this audio thank you for listening!
0.8588 Haha that seems to be the consensus, I'm glad you could enjoy it without knowing skyrim!
0.85 Thanks so much for the comment ana I agree with you on both counts, it's such a great community, but man it takes up a lot of my brain cycles haha
0.8481 Luckily you'll also find people pretty willing to help answer questions or point you in the right direction
0.8481 Thank you for letting us know, we love getting comments like this

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-0.872 Either the wrong mic thing, or I didn't turn everything on, or I don't actually hit record in audacity...such a pain in the ass.
-0.6946 Iunno, I've been kinda feeling the same lately so maybe my advice isn't the best :P
-0.3182 Not at all, plenty of people here that struggle with technology, and reddit isn't the most user-friendly of sites...
-0.296 Lol no worries, I know how life can get.
-0.0823 Good to see your name again wenchy not sure I can help much, other than suggest maybe listening to audios to get yourself all worked up?
-0.0772 Nope, impossible sorry.
0.0 We'll send a cleanup detail, RIP etc
0.0 We're always on for at least one movie, about 2 hours.
0.0 Paging /u/errinagain
0.0 Mine too recently, I just had to get it out there.
0.0 Just posted a new one too
0.0 Guess you'll just have to have more orgasms!