/u/supersecretsecretalt is very positive!

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0.9587 Thanks for the sweet comment, sweet Gracey :) very glad you enjoyed it!
0.8997 Haha thanks, very glad to hear you like them!
0.8908 Hope you enjoy it again, thank you so much for your continued support!
0.8481 Luckily you'll also find people pretty willing to help answer questions or point you in the right direction
0.8481 Thank you for letting us know, we love getting comments like this
0.8398 Haha no worries, I'm happy to help if I can, feel free to PM me with questions!
0.7991 Very glad you enjoyed it!
0.7959 Lovely voice, welcome!
0.7934 We're very pleased you enjoyed it so much bookworm!
0.7906 Be sure to let us know how you like it, we both enjoy the feedback quite a lot
0.7901 We love hearing this kind of thing Ponie, thank you for listening!

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-0.872 Either the wrong mic thing, or I didn't turn everything on, or I don't actually hit record in audacity...such a pain in the ass.
-0.6946 Iunno, I've been kinda feeling the same lately so maybe my advice isn't the best :P
-0.3818 Hurt my back Friday, so spent Saturday laid up on the couch playing games.
-0.3182 Not at all, plenty of people here that struggle with technology, and reddit isn't the most user-friendly of sites...
-0.0823 Good to see your name again wenchy not sure I can help much, other than suggest maybe listening to audios to get yourself all worked up?
0.0 Just posted a new one too
0.0 Guess you'll just have to have more orgasms!
0.0 To you too, trees!
0.0 Maybe a game where you're only allowed to cum if it's being recorded.
0.0 Absolutely will do pasta
0.0 It's not every time, often we just end up watching a second movie but if someone suggests it, it does occasionally happen!
0.0 [Here] you go