/u/suckmyfist is kind of a dick.

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0.8718 but we love you anyway! Dad: Yeah you can go down on your teacher Mr.
0.8297 is completely fabricated and artificial On the other hand my erection was completely honest and natural, she looks like a dumb girl who can't figure out how to "open" an uncircumcised penis.
0.824 #EVERYBODY WINS * 1) Daddy wins * 2) Cheating whore wins * 3) Cum-slurping-cuck wins
0.7562 true. But it is also true for female chimpanzees, let that sink in for a minute!!!
0.6705 I am pretty sure she swallows too.
0.6124 Sweden makes me feel like a 3rd World dictator: I would really like to get a nuke...
0.594 WTF is going on? Why are they pushing Cultural Marxism to the limit now? OK, the jews owns most of the media, but they used to care about profits...
0.5826 Good boy!!!
0.4939 u/White-Primrose is Australian and pretty hung, I bet she uses that phrase all the time.
0.4939 adorable piggy.... This makes me wonder: * As an observant jew can you keep a pet pig?
0.4927 Only if you are brown, if you are a white South African boer that got his entire family rape/murdered you have more chances of being accepted in China than the EU.

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-0.908 I always felt conflicted about tranny porn, not anymore, now I know I am no faggot, I am no pervert either... #***I AM A SCIENTIST!***
-0.902 * With no dates these "YOUTH" HAD no other option but to recurse to other kinds of rape!!! * Remember this is about African men VS Japanese women: "If IT doesn't fit, you must acquit"
-0.8934 I think )) know in their subconscious that they fucked up, and they desperately want to be beaten, there is no other explanation.
-0.8866 but WHY is it SO MUCH MORE destructive to a child mind to copulate with a MILF instead of a teen?
-0.8225 Think about the poor cocksucker that got a second mortgage on his house to pay for his daughter "education".
-0.7906 My train of thought watching this: * Something's strange * Looks Brazilian Conclusion: Fake or "fake woman"
-0.7783 The struggle will be to starve these damned beasts enough to enter a oven.
-0.7717 We need a civil war, how long will it take us to waste these cucks?
-0.7401 When Cultural Marxist are done with their "revolution" civilisation will end. If you kill somebody in self defence it is not murder: let's kill 'em, as simple as that.
-0.7351 I am sick and tired of living in this feminist dystopia.
-0.7088 I always suspected that among than hundreds of Sandusky's rape victims there was some little horny twink that enjoyed every last minute of it!
-0.6865 Not true, when she's on the rag it's hummer time.. Wait a second, she can't mean... OH GOD not even fucking Dracula would go down on a bloody cunt.