/u/suckmyfist is kind of a dick.

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0.8718 but we love you anyway! Dad: Yeah you can go down on your teacher Mr.
0.8297 is completely fabricated and artificial On the other hand my erection was completely honest and natural, she looks like a dumb girl who can't figure out how to "open" an uncircumcised penis.
0.824 #EVERYBODY WINS * 1) Daddy wins * 2) Cheating whore wins * 3) Cum-slurping-cuck wins
0.802 the reason why i love this comment so much is, at a certain point it is almost impossible to distinguish between sarcasm and true idiocy.
0.7906 Women gain social status indirectly, being the wife of a rich man or the mother of a genius.
0.6705 I am pretty sure she swallows too.
0.6124 Sweden makes me feel like a 3rd World dictator: I would really like to get a nuke...
0.5826 Good boy!!!
0.4939 u/White-Primrose is Australian and pretty hung, I bet she uses that phrase all the time.
0.4939 adorable piggy.... This makes me wonder: * As an observant jew can you keep a pet pig?
0.4927 Only if you are brown, if you are a white South African boer that got his entire family rape/murdered you have more chances of being accepted in China than the EU.

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-0.908 I always felt conflicted about tranny porn, not anymore, now I know I am no faggot, I am no pervert either... #***I AM A SCIENTIST!***
-0.8934 I think )) know in their subconscious that they fucked up, and they desperately want to be beaten, there is no other explanation.
-0.8225 Think about the poor cocksucker that got a second mortgage on his house to pay for his daughter "education".
-0.7906 My train of thought watching this: * Something's strange * Looks Brazilian Conclusion: Fake or "fake woman"
-0.7798 #We should hate this insane feminist society, not women. Imagine living in a future dystopian society where they emancipated children.
-0.7783 The struggle will be to starve these damned beasts enough to enter a oven.
-0.7717 We need a civil war, how long will it take us to waste these cucks?
-0.7579 They get others to fight and die for them."] -Ex Malaysian Prime Minister Dr.
-0.743 I know why they lost the Vietnam war: gun discipline had not been invented yet, hence the huge friendly-fire deaths.
-0.7351 I am sick and tired of living in this feminist dystopia.
-0.7088 I always suspected that among than hundreds of Sandusky's rape victims there was some little horny twink that enjoyed every last minute of it!