/u/suckmyfist is kind of a dick.

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0.7783 You are too intelligent and truthful for me to compete with you. I'd wish you good luck, but you won't need it.
0.7345 Good luck with that! I coded a bot to scrape this Transsexual Anthony Weiner's Twitter account, and...
0.7184 Virtue signalling is a sacrament of our holy feminist religion, logic on the other hand is the manifestation of the Devil's penis.
0.7003 #Interracial transsexual porn * Millennials have definitely improved this art.
0.6597 You know what you look like to me, with your good red dress and your cheap nails?
0.636 * Owner Duck Duck Go, Inc.[1] * Created by Gabriel ***))*** * Slogan The search engine that doesn't track you. You better start learning [Chink]!
0.6072 Ask yourself "cui bono": for whose benefit? Who would prefer African semen to British pussy and money? Feminists??? ))???
0.5994 On the contrary you should visit some of our beautiful cities, before they are fucking gone.
0.5859 This brilliant theory of yours could explain both phenomena at once.
0.5719 Show us how you say "happy birthday" to your goat.
0.555 Money and British pussy go home! Debts and African cocks welcome!

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-0.9612 Only the gods know how many murders, frauds and rapes by refugees are needed before these cocksuckers will realize that they were wrong all along.
-0.9423 Thank you Ellen, seriously there are people out there that would murder to have you as their cellie, if you end up in prison you are gonna die of sperm poisoning.
-0.8777 This is so RACiST!!! Why is the attack helicopter white?
-0.8658 apparently the bot killed itself. This is [the last picture] the bot got before committing suicide.
-0.8519 From left to right their "technical names" are: * Traitors * Jews * Transvestites * Faggots? * Niggers * Terrorists & * Pedophiles
-0.8176 Cocaine is the "white man" of drugs. Fuck your heteronormative cis racist drug of choice. The only PC drug is amyl nitrate because it opens up your mind and dilate the anus. /s
-0.8109 OK only on white cis het males. When some muzzie acid blast the face of some whore riding the cock carousel it is a tragedy caused by the patriarchy.
-0.7845 NO FUCK NO.
-0.7543 I bet $100 this shit is gonna offend our feminist overlords because it is heteronormative:
-0.7316 I am trying really hard to figure out the ethnicity of this thing so I can racially abuse him...
-0.6124 I feel racist too when I watch non-interracial pornography.
-0.5829 I really feel bad for catholic priests these days...