/u/suck_my_ballz69 is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 Any reputable swingers club should be safe, the main goal is for singles and couples to be able to come and have a great evening doing whatever they are confortable with.
0.7384 Every time someone says "oh babies smell so good" I feel the bile rise in my throat, then usually say something like "I would rather go stick my head in a compost heap, thanks".
0.728 I don't need your pity, did it ever occur to you that childfree people are happy the way we are and don't need nor want kids in our lives??
0.714 There are many men I know of that are pretty average but manage to have a good time because they are polite and courtious to others.
0.714 batshit crazy, but awesome.
0.6369 I would love to work in Seton, could be home from work in 5 minutes.
0.6369 You just smile and remember ypu can do whatever you wish in the end.
0.6249 120 would be awesome right now, there are hundreds off work right now.
0.6124 like I need you to like me.
0.6124 My genetic line is NOT that special, I'm sure the world will continue without it.
0.5994 I loved House up until Cuddy got the baby rabies, then things started to go downhill.

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-0.9183 I sure as hell won't apologise for my stance, and if I happen to hurt some fuckhead troll's feelings when they come here to act stupid...
-0.8834 Well thats the problem right now, the elite want us in poverty, they want us sick, and poor, and stupid because its easier to control that kind of population.
-0.8234 No actually I DO know, you are the fucking idiot who doesn't know a damn thing, so maybe shut the fuck up about things you DON'T KNOW!!
-0.8145 I hate children, and I don't care who doesn't like that.
-0.807 I feel so sorry for that poor dog who has to deal with this pack of shitheads every day.
-0.7995 The prices are so insane it's criminal
-0.7964 Fuck them, I unsubscribed a month ago, they can shove their pwesious baby pics up the ole shit chute.
-0.7964 Fuck you and your idiotic delusions.
-0.7579 There is an angel out there looking after stupid fucks apparently.
-0.7574 Shove it up your ass fucking annoying bitch...
-0.6908 That's just fucked up, I feel sorry for the next girl that gets mixed up with him.
-0.6908 The guys wo go to the clubs we go to usually get a bad rep because so many of them are creepy and don't seem to be able to take no for an answer.