/u/stthads is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 Maybe all those democrats who love Wall Street will come out and passionately vote for their ideals next time.
0.802 He has family here he can get help through the VA and he can go into a long term care facility and I'm sure he can get disability here.
0.7951 A win for common fucking sense haha
0.7717 This is truly amazing.
0.765 Yes Joe is a good man who is going to need money from corporate interests to finance his campaign.
0.7506 Those two go hand in hand.
0.7429 Very successful guy..ultimately lost his business, his very supportive fiance after she literally couldn't take the lying and cheating any more, and all of his friends.
0.6901 You think it's ok for 500 people to have more wealth than half the entire world?
0.6824 Well a lot of this has to do with the effort by the NRA to normalize guns as simple tools that everyone should have and not the killing machines they were designed to be.
0.6696 They love this!
0.6369 Your kind of thinking is perfectly logical.

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-0.9638 We are 7 times more likely to be killed by a right wing terrorist than a Muslim terrorist. The reason he's doing this is because he will make the right wing terrorists his brown shirts.
-0.9217 You can't compare population dense poverty stricken areas to rural poverty stricken areas.
-0.9042 The NRA fights gun regulation that will cut down on gun crime in the name of trivial concerns on a regular basis.
-0.8807 That ban you put on CDC preventing them from studying gun violence?
-0.8481 The extremist have not been radicalized on the other side to start killing right wing terrorists like the right wing terrorist kill us, but give it time.
-0.8481 They have their own problems gun violence just isn't one of them.
-0.8316 Police officers in major cities hail these precise early alarms of where the latest shooting is. Not allowing silencers on the streets will cut down on gun crime.
-0.8316 I've lost people to gun violence.
-0.8271 If you put a bunch of whites or asians in population dense, poverty stricken cities and no gun laws you will have results like we are having in Chicago.
-0.8176 You are more likely to have your children shoot themselves with the gun, or for you to shoot yourself in a moment of despair than you are to use it in self-defense.
-0.802 Five people were killed, and six were injured.
-0.802 Instead he will use them to keep people in line and terrorize the people he hates.