/u/stevenjd is kind of a dick.

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0.8934 Cheaper and better to give your child a hug, kiss their "ouchie" better, paint it with some Mercurochrome and give them a jelly bean kept for "medical emergencies".
0.8519 but of course it could be, just by chance. Nicely done have an upvote :-)
0.8316 Do you think the movie changed in the intervening years, like a fine wine? I'm pretty sure that, three alternate endings or not, the movie was exactly the same in 1985 as it was in 2006.
0.7717 That DSL is great, but sometimes you need to drop back down to C. I just wish that there were more options beyond C, like D, Forth, Haskell, or Julia.
0.771 "One Nation", "Labor Party", "Liberal Party" -- these names are taken seriously, but "Sex Party" isn't despite sex being one of the most important, common and universal human traits.
0.7684 but because they drive 10kph under the speed limit, they think they're a great driver.
0.7603 Do you understand the benefit of KISS?
0.7263 Why, you might as well have a Jewish American model playing a Russian super-assassin, or an Australian playing a Norse god!
0.7184 The Catholics, particularly Opus Dei, have become a strong influence behind the scenes in the Liberal Party since John Howard's days.
0.6908 On the other hand, if the universe actually does exist, then it *actually* needs to be consistent. But even if we agree that solipsism is "more complicated" in some sense...
0.6808 I'm glad that the sort of code you write benefits from PyPy's type of JIT compiler.

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-0.9287 What you call your rapist or attacker in private is none of my business. I'm sorry that my comments came across as insensitive and harsh.
-0.8858 It leads to frightened, hesitant and timid drivers with poor abilities, which leads to more frustration, delays and congestion, which is very likely keeping the road toll up.
-0.8316 It is not just the driver's responsibility to avoid accidents, it is people's responsibility to avoid putting themselves in unnecessarily dangerous positions.
-0.8225 Maybe we are a brain in a jar being fed false information by a mad scientist, or an evil demon, or a disembodied mind that imagines the universe.
-0.8172 Oh, and there are no demerit points for this! There are already existing dangerous driving laws that can be used to fine people for putting emergency service workers at risk.
-0.7896 So I stand by my position that society should accept a not guilty verdict^1, but I regret the way I put it as unnecessarily confrontational and insensitive to you.
-0.7845 Who is to say which are "real zombies"? Sometimes they're the living dead, risen from the grave.
-0.7717 Did it include the impact of the modern superweapons running out of fuel in about two days and then spending the rest of the war grounded and useless?
-0.743 But they've spent the last forty years since Vietnam avoiding conflict with any *serious* army that could actually threaten them. Russia has exactly that.
-0.7293 This is a bad, unnecessary law that won't save a single life.
-0.711 I miss them, they were cool. Our society is so fucked up.
-0.7003 They should have been called `then` because that's how they work. for x in sequence: block else: stuff The `else` block **unconditionally** runs after the for loop.