/u/stevenjd is kind of a dick.

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0.9417 It's not really a good argument *now*, but until evolution by natural selection was discovered, the best argument for the existence of a creator was the teleological argument.
0.8655 "Our freedom is the best!
0.8641 I mean, I loved Waltz as much as the next guy, he was an entertaining character to watch, fun and charismatic with a cool accent and good lines, but its the same character as Waltz always plays.
0.8519 Well, there's also the minor issue that the benefit of manned exploration of space is about a hundred million times *less* value for money than unmanned exploration.
0.8384 Before the election, polls consistently showed that more Clinton supporters thought that Trump would keep his campaign promises than Trump supporters did.
0.8316 They're happy being told what they want to hear, and no longer care whether it is true or not.
0.802 If there actually was a god, it would be pretty easy to prove.
0.7964 The best *acting* in that movie, even better than DiCaprio was ...
0.784 Sounds like a great idea to me!
0.7713 As you say, with 300 days of data, we can be very confident that 2016/17 is five std devs from the mean, that pretty much makes it an outlier by most standards.
0.765 Maybe you trust the government *today*, but do you trust the next government and the one after that and the one after that?

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-0.9825 I sympathize, but isn't this just the case for rape victims, any victim of crime get hits twice: first there is the crime, then there are the expenses to deal with the after effects of the crime.
-0.9201 Nah mate, it's only terrorists who want to come to Australia, to go on the dole and steal our jobs and rape our dogs and eat our women.
-0.8979 He lies about crime, he lies about the economy, he lies about his tax plan.
-0.8591 Two years, for a teenager whose "plan" for a bomb attack was probably 99% bravado and cheap talk and 1% searching for "how to make a bomb" on the Internet?
-0.8591 When we're killed, they cry crocodile tears over our bodies, even when -- especially when -- it is their actions that lead to our deaths.
-0.8555 All those Muslims are murdering terrorists.
-0.8519 Boring and stupid character and the second worst thing about Daredevil, behind only the god-awful fourth-rate ham Vincent D'Onofrio.
-0.8442 Maybe he was a criminal mastermind and a terrorist in the making.
-0.8352 Its stuff like "evil Superboy gets so mad that he beats on the walls of reality so hard the universe shatters".
-0.8335 Right-wing neo-nazis only killed people. I'm not saying that Islamic terrorism isn't a problem.
-0.8255 mammals have an airway which crosses their throat, so we can choke to death; lizards don't, so they can breathe while they eat).
-0.8176 Tom murdered some poor Indian just for wearing a turban?