/u/stevenjd is kind of a dick.

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0.9337 Fantastic actress and I always feel like it'd be super awesome to sit on a couch with her and gab. And grab what? *coughs*
0.8979 Amazon is succeeding because there are thousands of people happy to give away their future for Free Next Day Shipping.
0.8555 free healthcare is okay, even though its socialist, and free education is okay, even though it's a hand-out...
0.763 Eventually Walt will come back to make more masterpieces like Steamboat Willie.
0.7579 Then, having under-estimated twice, they proudly proclaim that nuclear power is safe.
0.7501 It is more like $40-50K a year, plus bonuses.
0.743 Nuclear power would be a great replacement, if only we could solve the people problem: neither the free-market nor authoritarian governments can be trusted with large scale nuclear power.
0.7096 I'm sure your figures deaths per kWh are equally trustworthy. Edit: apparently I included Biofuel when I shouldn't have.
0.7096 Long-term, we have to move away from all fossil fuels, but in the short term transitioning from coal to gas is a positive step.
0.6597 I'll get around to it when I'm good and ready, I'm busy doing something else.
0.6597 Your faith in the infallibility of computers would be amusing if it wasn't so [dangerous].

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-0.9283 It is delusional to ignore it: the evil people came out in force and voted for one candidate in preference to the other. This is one of the more obnoxious failings of the human race.
-0.9184 Apart from multiple millions of excess cancer deaths, lowered life expectancy, birth defects, heart attacks, and other health effects, it has no health effects!
-0.9062 You're reading too many bad "white slavery" stories. The vast bulk of human trafficking is not for so-called sex slaves, it is for forced manual labour.
-0.8957 Hell, it was probably a historical accident that France achieved it. And of course, the elephant in the room is that France's nuclear reactors make them *extraordinarily vulnerable* to attack.
-0.886 You think that wanting to do something about the astonishing levels of brutality, law-breaking, corruption and injustice by American cops is "blind police bashing"?
-0.8807 The idea that only 64 people died as part of the disaster, [as quoted by Wikipedia], is beyond ludicrous.
-0.872 I think that there are plenty of people who need attacking. The difference is, the racist Right attacks people because of who they are.
-0.8718 The Libs are more hostile to workers than they have been since the 1930s, the ALP is complacent and lazy and trying desperately not to appear too pro-worker in case "capital" takes fright.
-0.8689 When times are uncertain and scary, they turn on The Other, even when doing so is *guaranteed* to make times even more uncertain and scary.
-0.8481 admit to illegal sex work, be charged and deported back to their home country with their visa cancelled and a permanent ban on returning; or 2.
-0.8442 The welfare state is bullshit, free handouts are bullshit everything related to socialist theory is bullshit. So let me see if I get this straight...
-0.836 Its the [white slavery panic] all over again. As far as Eastern European prostitutes, when they are arrested, they have a choice: 1.