/u/stevenjd is kind of a dick.

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0.9169 Giving the Arab world a fair share of their own wealth is a small price to pay for freedom. 3.
0.8519 I thought that was the best thing of what was otherwise a fairly mediocre story. It was certainly interesting when the Doctor met River Song for *his* first time .
0.8519 Oh, I wish I had your faith in the Australian voters. All he would have to do to win is answer every question with two words: "Because terrorists."
0.8322 It might be a fellow Muslim's finger on the trigger, but they aren't stupid: they know the dictators keep power thanks to our assistance: our money, our weapons, our intelligence, our technology.
0.8185 You could run the process in an OS chroot for even more security, or in a VM. None of these things are foolproof, but they're not "no security" either.
0.802 Yeah, sure you do, in the lab, under perfect conditions, with a human in the loop to make the final decision.
0.7914 It sounds more like "very simple". And yes, I've written decorators, both with and without arguments.
0.7906 He won a Pulitzer prize for his journalism, don't you know?
0.7351 Instead we've spent that time encouraging Muslim extremism, because that made is easier to manipulate them while our corporations looted their countries.
0.7284 We may or may not get to vote for Kang or Kudos every four years, or six, but there is more to a healthy democracy than just a rubber stamp election.
0.7184 Nobody is trying to say that Stan Lee is always playing the same person in all of the Marvel movies. Colin Baker played a random Time Lord guard before getting the job as the Doctor.

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-0.9744 And especially stop calling every male you kill a terrorist (US rules of engagement for drone assassinations is that any male between 16 and 70 killed is declared a terrorist unless proven otherwise.
-0.9349 Remember Dr Haneef and the way that scumbag fucker Kevin Andrews kept doubling down about how he was a terrorist?
-0.9342 Or can he use his new physical appearance to his advantage to defeat the enemy? Or maybe he'll be so irrational and crazy from the regeneration that he'll *be* the enemy?
-0.9186 The rest of the time, terrorism is a crime, not an act of war, and needs to be dealt with in the same way as other crimes. 6.
-0.9033 Routine use of drones for assassination is an especially cruel psychological weapon breeding a whole generation of Muslims across five or six countries who hate the West with a passion.
-0.891 Terrorists and spree killers will just move somewhere else, where there are no bollards.
-0.886 Charged with conspiracy to be a bloody idiot while being brown."
-0.8832 More Australians have been killed by police than by terrorism here, but the politicians and media are encouraging cowardly racist fuckwads to run around like headless chickens screaming "terrorists!
-0.8779 But one terrorist attack, and everyone loses their minds.
-0.8657 It was so bad it almost killed Doctor Who for me.
-0.8519 Obviously the US and UK sold the tear gas to terrorist groups so they could use them for riot control.
-0.8442 Under threat of prosecution for being unable to comply with the government's demands, companies will be pressured to stockpile vulnerabilities for later use.