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0.9616 Hard to tell fully with hand in the way, but looks like you are slightly chubby but not in a bad way, I'm sure it looks nice, what I can see looks good to me ,
0.9246 I ended up getting the inno chef and so far it works great, temperature appears stable, simple and easy to use and best chicken breast i have EVER cooked
0.9081 Maybe a litle small, but nice shape and color, nice nipples 7/10 anyway :)
0.899 yeah its simple and cheap compared to the others, but does what its supposed to do and works well :) if you are in NZ then its easier than trying to get an Anova or Sansaire here too
0.8957 thats the one :) thanks, just as well i didnt come home with it trying to julienne my carrots ;) thanks
0.8884 Never really liked it that much, its nice but there are better ones around. I went past today and heaps of people eating chips there so either getting last lot in or its popular
0.8848 nothing at all wrong with them, they look good now and will probably stay looking good for a long time yet :)
0.8807 cool, hopefully it worked and waas for something exciting :)
0.8732 Thanks, been handy so far and reminded me several times via my phone that i was walking away and leaving keys behind, so havent lost anything yet :) thankfully
0.8719 thanks, i havent checked the one i downloaded, but hopefully she shows something a bit more in it :)
0.8446 Looks a good size and shape to me, nothing to complain about and those boobs are great

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-0.6597 You can also claim for losses that have happened because of the fault.
-0.5542 12 Months only, or can pay a bit more and no contract. If You want to cancel contract it is $200 or remainder of whats left , which ever is the cheapest
-0.4215 ill try, whICH ONE ?
-0.4215 yeah no worries, might take a while as my upload is very slow, depending on size, let me know the link
-0.34 I would be interested to hear about that, I was going to get one of those but it was just getting too difficult.
-0.3182 If your washing machine is faulty, for instance, you can claim the costs of going to the laundromat while it's being fixed. Tip: your receipt proves where and when you bought the appliance.
-0.3182 computer shut down in middle of night, and lost my link :
-0.296 i hear ya, i saw a van pul up, the guy walked to the letterbox and put the card in saying no one was home and left before i could open the door.
-0.296 no wories, it says this ... pass - a6crz8rt
-0.2939 Dint know where you are but I put off the dentist for fear for 22 years, then went to penrose dental and had nothing to worry about.
-0.0772 Oh sorry I thought I did, I'll look soon
-0.024 but not sure what its worth right now ?