/u/stemroach101 is kind of a dick.

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0.9252 "I'm not racist - I have black friends " - goes onto say something super racist.
0.9081 It hurt me a lot but the lady certainly seemed to be enthusiastically enjoying herself
0.8126 Your best friend is a cat?
0.7845 Scotland is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland meaning Scots are a subset of Brits.
0.7446 However as I have black friends I cannot be considered racist.
0.7351 What a heartwarming tale of a father sincerely doing what he believes is right for his virgin daughter
0.7351 Say "hey sexy tits" or "hey sexy balls" , then "do you want to go out with me?". But don't ever date a coworker
0.7269 Its pretty funny though.
0.7269 "And then Billy tried to swat at a little butterfly and Muhammed, praise be unto him, was all like "dude, thats allah, don't swat him you dick""
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.6249 I for one think it is a great idea

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 Spunking up your moms ass then getting her to suck my shit covered dick clean
-0.8834 When i see you mom i instamtly reach for wipes because i know i will inevitably be banging her in the ass an will need to wipe her shit from my dick
-0.8807 Just kind of dicked around, killing and raping non muslims.
-0.8519 I fucked him to death.
-0.8442 The rape scene in revenge of the nerds
-0.7943 You totally have you sick fuck.
-0.7876 I consider myself to be socially liberal, but I think all black people are fried chicken eating crack head rapists.
-0.7717 Hey, cuntybaws, goan fuck yerself ya grotty fuckin' cunt
-0.743 If everyone joined the same gang there would be no violence between gangs
-0.743 But you can have a black actor playing a white performer and you'd be racist if you thought there was anything wrong with it.
-0.7269 Stop being cunts
-0.7096 Lies make baby jesus cry.