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0.9442 Thanks, to be honest I think he like all the characters lol, I am beginning to have an idea about what to get now, thanks for your help
0.9311 If there is any sign of a twinge I will take a few extra days break, last thing I want is to be forced to stop when I feel so great :) Thanks for the advice and encouragement it is appreciated.
0.9022 Loving this subreddit and all the advice and encouragement people are giving :) roll on week 2 day 2
0.8313 W2D1 went well :) really enjoying it.
0.8126 Thanks, I will take a look, I think he will only be playing casual so this might be a good idea
0.8074 I don't think he will be getting involved with competitive tournament play, at the moment he just plays with another friend who has a few different sets.
0.802 Best advice I can give RE Excel is read tutorials on lookups etc, then try and build it into your day to day routine.
0.802 Good luck for week 5, I am sure you will smash it
0.7876 Every single time I get it without fail, then once it is over and done with I feel great, I have to keep reminding myself that there is a post-run high coming up if I do it.
0.7328 Thanks for the detailed post, really really appreciate your advice.
0.7003 Good idea, I will have a look at these, thanks.

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-0.6851 Thanks, I was thinking about getting a few smaller ships rather than a bigger set but I wasn't sure if I would unbalance the game or get the wrong item.
-0.5478 hopefully the little potato shaped devil on my shoulder gets bored and goes away soon.
-0.4939 LENSLOK used to drive me mad, on old Atari games
-0.4767 I think this is for the couch to 5 fucks program
-0.3818 Just thought, are you hitting Ctrl + the grave symbol?
-0.34 Is start week 4 tonight, it is crazy looking back at how I was just 3 weeks ago.
-0.1779 So that these can hide http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20150508-these-mites-live-on-your-face
-0.1419 I am nowhere near fit but need to start something before I turn in to the incredible bulk.
-0.128 Ctrl + ` to display formulas, then you can spot if there are any numbers lurking where formulas should be.
0.0 You have all given me a nudge in the right direction, now I have an idea of what to get I will go have a look around and make a decision on what to pick up for him.
0.0 I knew someone out there would be able to point me to the right place.
0.0 You can and will do it!