/u/ssaa6oo is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 The only religious person I've met in my life is my great grandmother and I've never asked her about gays lol.
0.7506 I care for gays as much as I care for cristians.
0.7184 You can stay at home and collect that sweet sweet welfare check.
0.7096 Who you want to marry has nothing to do with me, but I'm strongly against pride parades.
0.6369 Nazi parades are also expression of freedom of speach, go try and make one in Germany.
0.6369 And the best your sude has is name calling apparently.
0.6124 The only people I know who are gay are from the flamboyant type, and to be fair they are not somebody who I would show support for.
0.5719 Edit: Happy?
0.5719 If I can see Metallica this year too I would be soo happy.
0.5719 Yep, there are many shops like this at least in Sofia.[Here are some pictures.
0.5574 It's just positive memes about Trump.

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-0.9081 Fighting homophobia with this parades is like fighting racism with fulfilling every bad stereotype about black people.
-0.8895 I don't care who fucks who, but I agree with the Russian policy to not allow pride parades because they are disgusting and they are dehumanizing gay people.
-0.8807 If there is an invasion it will be a soft one - infiltrated migrant waves, home grown terrorism, propaganda wars.
-0.8608 People from the West are quick to condemn every litle piece of propaganda outside their bubble, but fail to see completely the propaganda they are fed.
-0.8479 Your points and strawman arguments are so weak that you have to insult me, my country or my grandmother so you would have anything to say at all.
-0.8442 After Hitler you can no longer criticize the jews, Isreal was "invented", nationalism in Europe is dead, dying or is stigmatized to oblivion.
-0.7906 You got Trump and you deserve him to fuck your far left ass.
-0.7845 Go use a moose dick as a pacifier and preach your shit to someone else.
-0.7783 You are currently defending a practice that even many gays view as disgusting and dehumanizing, and which is driving the segregation of gays even further.
-0.765 Wtf are they protesting in the US?
-0.743 There are no good guys but the US is one of the worst.
-0.7269 It's a shame your father wasn't gay because you are the unfortunate result.