/u/ssaa6oo is kind of a dick.

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0.802 ] Anyway, its 1 o'clock in the morning here and I havo to go to work after only 7 hours so... Best of luck and may all toilet seats you encounter be down.
0.7342 Lol, you seem like a decent human being... I'm neither a nerd nor a comics reader.
0.7184 You can stay at home and collect that sweet sweet welfare check.
0.7184 My mind can't even begin to comprehend how entitled you have to be to expect complete strangers to actively go out of they way to ensure that you have your toilet seat be the way you prefer it.
0.7096 What's the point, so you can feel like batman and bring justice to the road?
0.7003 One of my favorite movies and I don't know anyone IRL who likes it.
0.6597 I think people generally don't know when it's safe to get baron, just like the other dude said.
0.5994 That was marvelous.
0.5719 If I can see Metallica this year too I would be soo happy.
0.5719 Yep, there are many shops like this at least in Sofia.[Here are some pictures.
0.5719 Oh, I don't know about Russia, never been there, but The Balkans are nice, Slovenia and Slovakia too.

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-0.872 Edit: I used shit as a general term, I ment piss, period blood and in some cases actually shit.
-0.8658 No one is disputing that the people wanted to be part of Russia, the dispute is about if this is enough to justify the annexation, because it sets a dangerous precedent.
-0.829 Or you are so dumb that you can't comprihand that its up and you go ass first in the toilet?
-0.8225 Just let assholes be assholes.
-0.7906 Stupid piece of shit.
-0.7906 I'm simply annoyed by whining bitches like yourself shiting on every subreddit. How can I have right - wing victim complex when I'm not even right wing?
-0.7783 The seat is not piss-splattered because I lift it up before taking a piss, on the other had you hovered over it and your shit is all over the place so I don't want to tuch it neither.
-0.7273 I'm now on a different position in the same company but the pay is almost the same shit.
-0.7088 Burn motherfucker, burn!
-0.7003 No, you are just onother asshole who is trying to justify how shitty you are.
-0.6956 Of corse the governmant is aginst it because its following the "European values", but the population doenst give a fuck.
-0.6908 I downloaded you because you are a whining bitch.