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0.8934 There are a variety of reasons: to make better recommendations; to improve popularity algorithms; to know what is actually popular on Reddit.
0.8909 I generally don't like to make promises about dates, but I'm feeling pretty confident about this one.
0.8442 I know the team loves hearing this as well. 2017 should be a fun year.
0.8402 The designs aren't finalized, we're mostly focused on the tech at the moment. I would like to share an interesting learning.
0.8176 We believe you should be free to express all the different facets of yourself on Reddit, and sometimes an alt is the best way to do that.
0.7959 We only needed so many communities for testing, but thank you for volunteering. u/powerlanguage, u/Eabryt just wants to help!
0.7783 Interestingly enough, engagement in the native apps is approximately 4x higher than the desktop. I see this in my own usage as well.
0.7003 Last week I had the right combination of incentive and free time to get it done.
0.6956 I'd like the new version to feel like a Rolls Royce: it feels classic, but is actually modern. The current version is more like a Chevy Vega.
0.6866 We don't have to lose that feeling to make things better. Reddit still runs code that I wrote ~~ten~~ twelve years ago when I was 21.
0.6808 In that respect, I feel like we've been held hostage from a development point of view .

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-0.8689 If Reddit could be killed, it'd be dead by now.
-0.7434 auto-banning, shadow-banning) that I'd like to get rid of, but if we do so without providing a better alternative, we'd cause a lot of trouble.
-0.743 I have three tiers of food dislike. Tier 1: I hate them.
-0.743 The changes we made to r/all earlier this summer would have mitigated some of the harassment, and I regret we didn't make those changes years ago.
-0.7096 I messed with the fuck u/spez comments, replacing "spez" with r/the_donald mods for about an hour.
-0.6249 Even though we've reduced spam by about 90% the last couple of quarters, it's still an ongoing battle.
-0.5849 The other stuff I used made my armpits burn hella bad.
-0.5574 If they really start overstepping their bounds, we ban them.
-0.481 Even I have this problem.
-0.481 I do see this problem.
-0.4767 If it does not, r/the_donald is trending in the wrong direction.
-0.4404 Boxer briefs when I was tired of wedgies.