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0.9136 Too true, for some reason I was expecting it to be a right faff, but worked like a charm, putting up a video clip in a sec :)
0.9098 Ok brilliant, thanks for the insight/advice mate much appreciated!
0.9081 Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed :)
0.8957 Great work, love the dialogue, is that from like an old 1950's film?
0.8908 Anything else that springs to mind would love to know :) Cheers again!
0.8834 Thanks a lot mate, played my first gig a couple of night ago which was satisfying :)
0.8807 great suggestions cheers mate :)
0.875 Hey mate, great question & thanks for the interest.
0.8588 glad you enjoyed, thanks!
0.8553 Cheers for the comment mate :) glad it eventually worked out!
0.8519 spooky stuff, glad you enjoyed the remix mate :) ps.

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-0.6114 Looks terrifying!
-0.5707 Watched the video of it in operation, sounds wicked!
-0.5499 Haven't managed to use the 3D tracker yet, but trial & error with Mocha seems to be paying off, all depends of the quality of the objects in the scene I guess..
-0.4141 oh strange not sure why that is:/ I'm using a 12th scale BJD which I've chopped about and used pro ball joints.
-0.3875 I remember that, not sure it's worth a career at McD's though, left that in my teens
-0.1759 It's in Plymouth, UK, the whole city is pretty shitty really..ha!
-0.1531 It's a detail that represents how tricky it was to get onto the premises and film.
-0.0772 tbf there were no keep out/trespasser beware signs & walked straight in so shouldn't have been an issue anyhowzzzz.
0.0 Short version..
0.0 The long or the short version?
0.0 Incredible
0.0 what's all the white chalky substance left behind?