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0.9468 I'm still quite a bit younger ~30 but I just wanted to say cool to see more mature cubers here, and enjoy it :) Speed comes with practice
0.882 I was surprised to find more people of my age here as well, in the beginning I was reluctant to say my age here since most people seemed so young, but i feel pretty comfortable with it now.
0.872 And even with 2-look cmll people are getting around 15 s times, which is pretty good for a solve using on 9 algs :)
0.8335 The one I like the most are reviews made before the book is available "I haven't read this book yet, but I love the other books in the series, and this one is going to be great!"
0.8316 Hope you're having as good of a day that you can :)
0.8201 Learning new methods are always a ton of fun, I never got anything near good with zz but it's a fun method, I really prefer roux though.
0.8074 Just let it pass and care about something that is worth caring about.
0.7845 Some times we have to see the shit around us, and find the good things.
0.7841 I'm all for a more positive mindset, it's something we all should strive for :)
0.7783 It helps for me at least, and the algs that I know the best are because I learnt them that way.
0.7735 Well at least it makes sense, I was more surprised when I learned that inflammable means easily flammable, that shit makes no sense :P man I'm happy I speak only Norwegian ;P

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-0.8271 We live in a world now where we're more connected than ever, it has good points, and bad, one of the bad things is that we know at once when something that's shit happens in the world.
-0.8176 I've read through them all and I can't really see that I've seen much spite and anger, do you have anything else than vague pointers?
-0.7964 Where do you see spite and anger?
-0.5719 I hate this so much, it doesn' make any sense to me.
-0.5216 When someone asks why I don't like Christianity it doesn't help if I answer "read the bible"
-0.4773 Basically i was told that i wasn't important enough to not try audio only, so i stopped watching not out of spite but just because LAS lost its slot in my week.
-0.4767 They are probably just ignoring all criticism like they usually do.
-0.4019 Why does it piss you off?
-0.3818 Exactly, when Chris complains that participation is bigger with other "products" maybe it is because participation is handled differently?
-0.34 Alarmed by some of the things that Noah said.
-0.3217 Doesn't really look like the box that mine came in though.
-0.3182 Re-evaluate why you do this, i think you've lost sight of that.