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0.9508 As always I really enjoyed your video :) and the solve in the end as well :) great work!
0.9468 Congrats guys :) and I hope you'll keep up the great work that our current mods are doing :)
0.9468 The kobos are great devices as well, I just really enjoy getting free books :P
0.9313 When money is tight there are always possibilities to get free books, either from authors sites themselves, or on amazon free offers, free book for an honest review kind of stuff.
0.915 A new version from a really great program, if you're using e-book calibre really is a great tool :)
0.9089 Pandoc is so awesome, I was using it all the time when I was studying at the university, making markdown documents and exporting them in LaTeX pdfs made all my homework pretty :)
0.892 That's cool, some time I really have to get some kind of a makeshift steno machine :) Really looks like fun.
0.8747 That sounds like so much fun to me, but I'm too old to be able to do something like that Professionally :/ I just love the sound of keyboards and the transformation of thoughts -
0.8555 I love reading, and I love games, they are mostly quite different kinds of story-telling.
0.8345 :D Be sure to tell us if you do ;) I think kirjava has you beaten in the number of methods though :P
0.8338 I read that a long time ago, but to the 16 year old me at least that book was good :)

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-0.7351 And also how annoying it is to try and read when someone writes how they speak, I always suffer when reading texts written in dialect, even though it is my own.
-0.6908 $ kill % Is less typing.
-0.6808 I wasted my time reading something that didn't even try to argue for why I should spend my time reading the books.
-0.6752 Might be that I'm stupid, but I don't really find much bizarre in the article.
-0.6597 ultimate evil * The bible * The Qur'an * The Tora * Heimskringla * Basically all religous texts.
-0.6549 So complaining about a low effort puffpiece is only whining?
-0.5719 [Working in IT there is no doubt, coffe is the one and only.
-0.4963 Hell, it doesn't even work well for Norwegian which compared to finnish is a pretty standard langauge.
-0.4576 But that's more a problem with drm than with the kindle in particular.
-0.4201 I never claimed Norwegian was more difficult than other languages, and if you read my first post again, maybe you'll pick up on the sliiiiight sarcasm in my post ;)
-0.4019 This is my biggest problem with duolingo, I need those notes to be able to remember and get through the lessons without trying and retrying a 100 times.
-0.4019 Calibre can rip away most kinds of DRM, I haven't had a book until now were I had bigger problems getting on to it.