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0.9123 The share series by Nathan Lowell, it's really a nice kind of slice of life sci-fi, just feels so comfortable and nice to me.
0.8885 Yeah, the daily free books on bookbub, I've been following it for about a month now, and I already have about 100 free books that I'm interested in reading.
0.8689 Of course immersion helps, but just sticking to it, and putting in the time learning is the only way to go :) I believe that it's more than possible though, if you're just consistant :)
0.8506 While I like you am not that good at visualizing people, I'm always seeing the environment they are in really clearly :) I'm getting better at the people than I was though.
0.836 That's exactly how far I was thinking that duolingo would bring you :) A good base to continue studies on is what I thought it would be :)
0.824 Thank you :) Probably because I didn't come up on the is/are thing :P
0.8221 So the single focus of a kindle is really helpful for someone like me :)
0.7925 I have a bit over 10 000 pages read so far this year :) Yey for goodreads stats :D
0.7684 I'm kind of on the few algorithm stuff, but that works well with roux :)
0.7579 Yeah, I'll have to look into that as well, I think I may keep my groot/rock3t for sentimental reasons though ;)
0.7472 Yeah, nothing to be sorry about :) Just a bit butthurt since no one acknowledged my effort last time :P

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-0.664 Norwegian has three genders , but to use the neuter gender for someone is very rude, as neuter is only ever used about objects or animals.
-0.5859 Writing however is a bitch, I can't really mumble my way out of a tight spot, and every misconception that I have is put bare.
-0.5775 I'll add something if there is any interest, but since it got no traction last week I'm kind of hesitant to put much effort in.
-0.5009 That game is crack, it's so difficult to put it down.
-0.4698 Well, Russia is a gigantic place with lot's of people, so weird stuff happening in Russia isn't that weird :P ;)
-0.4215 Even as a BII in German I was struggling quite a bit some times..
-0.4019 A lot of people have given me advice, some of which is conflicting.
-0.3612 Doesn't all this algorithmic stuff make recognition difficult?
-0.357 That's why you use the webpage and not the app :)
-0.34 Well, unless you're pretty fluent in the language you'll be way worse than even a shitty translator though.
-0.296 There is no reason that you shouldn't really it just takes time, a lot of time, a fuckload of a lot of time.
-0.2755 I also don't like having to rely on wifi to read a book.