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0.9782 Great to hear some positive stuff :D Keep on going strong, and best of luck to your wife with the sales :)
0.9217 Have fun, I'm currently reading this book as well, and I'm really enjoying it, about 200 pages in it's not that difficult to keep the students apart I think :)
0.9206 It's not a DNF, which means it's good :) Enjoy :D
0.8555 I'm also of the opinion that even though I might love something "smart" or "great" it doesn't mean that it has to be "the best for everyone" Books are so objective.
0.8519 Wow, roux had to be pretty fresh at that time.
0.8056 Yeah, I started listening to them in 2008 walking around the streets in Japan feeling alone, since then it never stopped making me feel better whenever the world's making me feel down :)
0.8033 That really depends on the criteria you choose, I usually don't like lists or rankings, I really enjoyed the Harry Potter books, I really did, and I'm so happy that JKR wrote them.
0.802 I've read the first two sherlock books from one of the free ones, it's flawles thus far :) I was surprised how much of an antihero he is though.
0.8016 I haven't done textured yet, I bought a Kindle, and since then my eyes have been a lot more happy with me, and I enjoy that it has less sustains than my phone.
0.8016 I really liked that book a lot as well :)
0.7906 Yeah, that feeling really comes over in the original books :)

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-0.7837 Well, the relationship is kind of a horror, it's a horror book based on Stockholm syndrome.
-0.7586 For me it has to be "The secret" I really despised that book, neither is it well written, nor is it enlightening.
-0.7184 Your anal anguish seems predicated on that view that no matter what, as long as they are reading.
-0.6124 But then again I'm no literary snob, I don't really catch all of the peculiarities and clever stuff in a lot of books, for that my english is still a bit too weak.
-0.6026 Not most of it no, but some places have "abandoned books" and stuff like that, I'm not sure how it compares to getting books over a library.
-0.5994 Cake or death?
-0.5849 What's so bad about subvocalizing?
-0.5707 No flag, No country!
-0.4662 I don't get what you mean about seeing the matter as it is though, but it might be because of my low intellect or because my understanding of English isn't great enough.
-0.3612 I've already bought more books than I have read this year, I don't really get what your problem is, even Gutenberg is mostly grey where I am, since they are based on American rules.
-0.3603 I just want to enjoy the books I'm reading as I'm reading them, if it takes me longer it's not like anyone cares, making yourself not get the full book from skimming is usually not a good idea.
-0.34 Also I'm getting rid of disturbances, such as messages, games and other cruft that I have on my other devices.