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0.872 It should also be noted that building your enemy up to be this massively competent super-Soldiers with all the best tech is an effective way of making your win seem that much bigger.
0.8307 Yeah its really something, amazing to see such a performance on an endurance sport like skies when everyone has asthma..
0.8271 Everyone had food on the table, healthcare, transportation, free housing, many pleasures like cinema was cheap and avaliable.
0.8182 As for having a hope of winning, not really, but as we saw they fought so well that the Soviets gave up their hopes of putting Kuusinen as leader of Finland.
0.7506 The communist party is the party the Proletariat and operates in the interests of the proletariat.
0.6969 Pushing them back in 43 for it to become pretty much a steamroll in late 43-44, halted more by the ability of the Soviet logistical structure.
0.6908 Glad to be of help
0.6908 He has some bearing in PoliSci circles for his arguments about Democide as a concept. But he is laughed out of historical circles because his history is laughable at best.
0.6808 You have the Truth, and you'll enlighten the masses and those who oppose will be moved aside.
0.6597 Que 600k strong counter-attack and well, everyone started running headlong back towards Germany.
0.6597 Yes, yes he was.

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-0.9468 That one person raped a person and the other raped and murdered his victim doesn't mean the former gets a lighter sentence.
-0.906 Fuck the cunt refused to let in Princess Mrtha of Sweden, the wife of Crown Prince Olav of Norway when they were trying to escape the Nazis ffs, and she was his niece!
-0.891 Oh right, I'm supposed to say: The War of 1655 was an illegal oppresive attack on the independence of Poland.
-0.875 They fought to liberate their country and destroy what they saw as the evil of Nazism that had attacked pretty much all of Europe.
-0.8625 They were even outmanned and out-gunned by the Germans during the counterattack, but the Germans suffered a complete collapse of morale when the counter-attack came.
-0.836 I mean fuck, you can have a protagonist who has opinions that might seem fucked up to the modern person.
-0.8225 The size of the Soviets was their worst enemy, they tried to push through too much forces in need of infrastructure through a place that had little of that.
-0.8176 Gustav V was the worst kind of king and deserving of our unconditional spite.
-0.8126 Because Commies and Soc-dems are mortal enemies and they've hated each other since they split?
-0.8126 The anger isn't misguided if directed against the Communists, its misguided if one belives the horrors that occured in said satellite states was only due to foreign influence.
-0.8074 It is trivializing, "Stalin was bad, but not as bad as Hitler" isn't factually incorrect, but it brings nothing to any discussion.
-0.8011 Fuck me, have you EVER read a diary entry, letter or memori of an Allied Soldier that was not clear why they were fighting in WW2?