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0.8271 Everyone had food on the table, healthcare, transportation, free housing, many pleasures like cinema was cheap and avaliable.
0.8074 And we were pretty easily entertained at the time.
0.7964 Tried watching it a second time with my best mate and a bunch of funny tobacco.
0.7536 They were sometimes seen as "weak-stomached" but they were not punished for refusal nor forced to participate.
0.7506 The communist party is the party the Proletariat and operates in the interests of the proletariat.
0.7351 12 months ago, sure I might have agreed that there is educational merit here.
0.6958 think of it like this: Abu-Hajjar was drafted into ISIS, he didn't cut heads off, didn't kill children, he just fought against Assad and the SDF.
0.6908 He has some bearing in PoliSci circles for his arguments about Democide as a concept. But he is laughed out of historical circles because his history is laughable at best.
0.6808 You have the Truth, and you'll enlighten the masses and those who oppose will be moved aside.
0.6597 Yes, yes he was.
0.6497 They had a pretty dank scope so hitting the track was not that difficult.

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-0.906 Fuck the cunt refused to let in Princess Mrtha of Sweden, the wife of Crown Prince Olav of Norway when they were trying to escape the Nazis ffs, and she was his niece!
-0.8934 They intended to fight a massive nuclear war the weapons lost would not be able to be picked up because they would have been reduced to atoms.
-0.8779 Anyway that's why the "Holocaust" is a 'concept', you can basically remodel the concept to include or exclude a number of different people murdered by the nazis, but murdered they were nonetheless.
-0.8775 There are more idiotic posts here sure, but once upon a time idiotic posts got downvoted, or were ignored, not getting 110 upvotes.
-0.8591 How would public opinion in the United states and UK have been if right after a long horrible war, another probably more taxing war takes place?
-0.836 I mean fuck, you can have a protagonist who has opinions that might seem fucked up to the modern person.
-0.8313 No honey, you are just seeing and meeting people you wouldn't otherwise, and you get stuck up on things that seem most strange to you. edit: just for the fuck of it.
-0.8176 About 360 000 Germans died in Soviet POW camps during and after the war.
-0.8176 Gustav V was the worst kind of king and deserving of our unconditional spite.
-0.8126 "See war is horrible?
-0.8126 What is not included are the people murdered to to nazi occupational policies, or forced famine in the territory of the USSR.
-0.7964 But you have to understand, this was the 1940s and shit was bad.