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0.8821 The Germans were stopped at Prokhorovka but with strong and well managed Soviet combined arms defenses, not crazy counter-attacks.
0.8402 One paints a Utopian dream where everything is free, everyone is happy and sit hold hands singing Kum-ba-yah.
0.8402 I'll excuse Isaev in that he based it on earlier works but man he should have known better honestly, the film is not that old.
0.8307 Yeah its really something, amazing to see such a performance on an endurance sport like skies when everyone has asthma..
0.7964 There were plenty of people in Eastern Europe who wanted freedom and democracy, those we should remember fondly.
0.7506 They thought that for Germany to become great they would need to expand massively.
0.7351 The Soviets would NEVER have signed any type of peace treaty since that would most likely have meant the end of the Communist Party and the elites who ran the country.
0.7351 Glad you enjoy it.
0.7003 I mean just read some basic introductions to either ideology and the difference is pretty clear.
0.6969 Pushing them back in 43 for it to become pretty much a steamroll in late 43-44, halted more by the ability of the Soviet logistical structure.
0.6666 A person not understanding that makes them fucking idiots at best.

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-0.9468 That one person raped a person and the other raped and murdered his victim doesn't mean the former gets a lighter sentence.
-0.8834 Police might bin a political crime on some criminal or they might say a person was a criminal when the real reason was something different.
-0.8555 the Soviet archives also didn't go through the one lost World war and one complete collapse of a society.
-0.8555 The mass killings of Jews were known during the war, it was that I was referencing.
-0.8442 Yes and I mean how the hell do people think they managed that entire massive repressive apparatus? They kept massive tabs on people ffs.
-0.8406 NO most people repressed were not 'guilty' of any political crime.
-0.8402 Much of the Native population have been deported to east of the Urals having been sent to killing centers, starved off etc.
-0.836 Out of the 3 million dead 'POW', 2,4 million died Before march of 1942.
-0.8205 No not indenture servants, not forced labour, but slavery.
-0.8197 Im probably more pissed at the idiot who goes "Soviets didn't document" Fuck dude, the Soviets kinda had the most developed system of monitoring and political repression in history.
-0.8126 Stalin was first furious that Rotmistrev lost half a tank army, that was a fact nobody could try to deny.
-0.8122 Exactly, so lets not honor them, their lack of questioning, their lack of rebellion, their choice to just follow the path of least resistance have forever dishonored their memory.