/u/snefsky is kind of a dick.

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0.6808 This is staying up because OP is truly special.
0.6808 But when you have a third party back your story, it's a good thing.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure he isn't President.
0.6486 Thank your lucky stars you got in two comments before I got here.
0.6369 The best practice for interviewing is interviewing.
0.5994 Make sure plastic is clear.
0.5719 It's ultimately your choice but degrees give tangible points to your application, increase your pay , and allow for more advancement.
0.5574 They try and cite a Supreme Court decision that says people have a right to use public roads.
0.5106 Then you can use water , small pipe cleaner, or even unfolded paper clips to poke through the clear plastic tube.
0.5106 Not sure if that's relevant, but may be more insight to that person's character. Well, you're not going to be a detective.
0.5106 Trust me when I say it doesn't tie it to you.

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-0.9042 ##Your post has been removed for the following reason: **Felony Stupid** * This comment or post has been judged by the community to violate the P&S restriction on Felony Stupid.
-0.8402 I don't speak for everyone but my agency deals with a LOT of traffic fatalities and would probably drop you. Agencies look at everything.
-0.836 You committed a felony **every year** and you're like "Would this hurt when applying?" You're openly and continuously risking prison.
-0.8271 He's their Mike Brown in that this criminal also warranted the use of deadly force after committing multiple criminal acts?
-0.7939 Really stupid and dangerous. Almost running over a pedestrian?
-0.7906 Racist, rude, and repulsive conduct.
-0.7506 I told the mom in no uncertain terms that that her calling us for this was unacceptable and I'd cite her if she called for a parenting issue again.
-0.6597 That holster is cancer.
-0.6597 Expect cancer if you buy it.
-0.6597 Again, get fucked.
-0.5965 So you're cheating on her?
-0.5574 You'll be bankrupt in a week and living in your mother's basement.