/u/snefsky is kind of a dick.

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0.7003 Self sponsor makes a good candidate better.
0.6956 It does not make a bad candidate into a good one.
0.6705 What interesting discussion were you hoping for?
0.6369 My best guess?
0.6369 Or maybe people treat Muslims differently because of things like this?
0.5994 It's like applying TSA guidelines that your shoes must be off going through security to a cop on the street.
0.5719 I'll find a happy middle ground.
0.5719 Your officers taking this guy on hand to hand would likely result in officers being injured.
0.5622 That's a GOOD thing.
0.5423 Based on their specific service, they get bonus points applied to the objectively scored portions of the application.
0.5106 You are now free to go.

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-0.8271 ##Your post has been removed for the following reason: **Misdemeanor Stupid** * This comment or post has been judged by the community to violate the P&S restriction on Misdemeanor Stupid.
-0.8225 Refusals are under penalty of arrest and prosecution.
-0.7964 I only see this as potential abuse when people want to steal answers.
-0.7264 Nothing worse than getting an answer and completely ignoring it.
-0.7096 So your country wants officers beaten with a crow bar by a man bullrushing them while not listening to commands? I think you're wrong.
-0.6908 Need videos/articles of European officers getting stabbed, beaten, or running away to prove it?
-0.6408 Why do you think a police department would give a SINGLE SOLITARY FUCK that you have a CCW?
-0.6249 It's my understanding that yours is the worst level of administrative separation.
-0.5994 I'd rather die than take that job.
-0.5859 And is in motherfucking Georgia. 3.
-0.5829 So you're bad at scenario questions in interviews?
-0.5729 Try and be less racist going forward. Removed.