/u/snefsky is kind of a dick.

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0.7184 This is perfectly fine.
0.6243 If you want the accurate answers to the issues posed, say so but in a smart way.
0.5927 They're not dropping you yet but you better bet they'll mention it.
0.5267 Was this an ideal incident?
0.5106 He effectively admitted it.
0.5106 Confidence.
0.5106 Trust me when I say it was needed.
0.4939 Saying "don't pull it out" three times is pretty fucking DIRECT.
0.4685 And by our legal doctrine, a jury cannot be wrong.
0.4685 The US legal system means juries can not be wrong.
0.4588 Censorship ftw.

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-0.8256 This is so stupid I'm in pain.
-0.8074 No jail? Last I saw, stealing a gun and doing a drive by was a misdemeanor.
-0.7906 People do stupid shit.
-0.7845 You're being felony stupid.
-0.7579 What bad behavior of officers was there and where did I condone it? I didn't read past the third line. You're banned and the comment is removed.
-0.7096 You can always get forced, held over, have court, get vacation denied.
-0.7003 Accusations contrary to this notice will get an ass chewing.
-0.7003 You're not going to edit comments to avoid your ban.
-0.6997 Most criminal cases are low level crimes.
-0.6908 You can disagree with a jury and you can think they're wrong.
-0.6808 Make it a crime to try and sue for shit like this.
-0.6597 You're fucked.