/u/smugliberaltears is kind of a dick.

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0.7506 It'd be like a military dictator giving up police power to local communities or a liberal government funding a mass movement toward land reform and collectivizing natural resources.
0.743 also, you know, woman soldiers are a thing and they're pretty effective so
0.743 Translates perfectly well to my community.
0.7227 i mean, i like a lot of the work they do , but the group itself has some pretty big issues that go way back.
0.7048 You're making people think that there *isn't* an actual fascist resurgence when you call everyone and his fucking mom a fascist.
0.6705 mexico has a pretty cool history with anarchism and other similar trends too. it probably differs from place to place.
0.6666 a bourgie could **not fucking gentrify one of our fucking neighborhoods.** if the bourgie really wants to help, they'll mobilize and stand with us when we resist things like gentrification.
0.6652 white people are just people and i can't generalize all of them because they're all individuals, but you know what i mean. also mexico has a strong tradition of what amounts to anarchism.
0.6369 they don't necessarily naturally select the best of anything.
0.6124 God, I hope so.
0.5994 God bless for-profit universities, huh.

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-0.9517 they're those "class war is the only war" types who are literally ignorant enough to believe that ending capitalism will end all of the other Bad Shit that's happened since.
-0.8933 It's not perfect, but something is always better than nothing. then again, liberal feminism is racist and cissexist as fuck so idk
-0.8899 They just don't really care to understand the actual problems people who aren't like them face. the worst is just outright white supremacy.
-0.8166 some people are just so fuckin nasty I'd rather stay home and read a book or some shit.
-0.8074 what the fuck kind of bullshit cities do you live in?
-0.8074 what's worse is plenty of socialists will angrily deny they exist if you point it out, as if socialism is magic.
-0.8055 Fucking **stop.** It's disgusting and it's seriously irresponsible.
-0.8048 When the loudest voices in the room are a bunch of white dudes, that's not super attractive to POC. this is the biggest problem I see with anarchist groups outside my city.
-0.794 The kinda dude that wouldn't find that hilarious is the kinda dude who's gonna be boring as fuck in bed.
-0.7814 that shit's for sure annoying, but among the worst I've seen in legit socialist circles has to be leftcoms.
-0.7783 Stop destroying words and helping fascists by giving them a fucking smokescreen with your bullshit.
-0.7717 they're just parasites who need to be fumigated. I think we need to attack shit from that angle, personally.