/u/smugliberaltears is a total dick!

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0.8481 In all likelihood, she probably appreciates that you asked her if she was ok and that you respected her wishes. You did the right thing.
0.8126 hahaha oh wow touched a nerve huh
0.8074 That's pretty awesome that they led raids on the UK's concentration camps.
0.722 But but but they're clearly playing the knockout game!
0.6486 Just add voting to current capitalist firms and idiots like you will lap it up. lol.
0.6369 Anarchists love their democracy.
0.6369 Not the best track records with refugees going on here.
0.6166 of course you'd think queers are the parodies you see on TIA.
0.6124 Good god, leftcoms are even more reactionary than tanks.
0.5875 then compare that to the US constitution. if you still think it wasn't about slavery then you're basically delusional
0.5801 I couldn't fault someone for that. It's like if you live in the US you're also complicit.

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-0.9509 We were fucked in the beginning, we're fucked today, and we'll be fucked forever, until people realize that the problem, at its core, is America itself.
-0.9231 can't wait til they cut medicaid and starve thousands upon thousands of these lazy moochers to death in their fucking *wheeled chairs*.
-0.9062 Class war is the only war amirite fuck off, delusional reactionary filth.
-0.8908 It's an obsession with two shitty politicians for the low price of one wasted life!
-0.8834 You believe that class war is the only war, and that other struggles, e.g.
-0.8807 you might not be a nazi, but goddamn, you're about as pathetic.
-0.8553 Oh no, the manchild who already thinks democracy and struggles for liberation outside of class is a joke thinks I'm wrong! fuck off, reactionary filth
-0.8481 If you pay your taxes, you're complicit in war crimes just as much as an army cook is complicit in war crimes.
-0.8316 Put it in your face and read it you stupid *fuck.* Nazis murdered every leftist they could catch in both the Holocaust and on the Night of Long Knives.
-0.8313 I bet it's those goddamn gays again with their fucking devil agenda.
-0.8196 Strasserites were and are a minority of natsocs, but strasserites were fucking murdered by nazi germany itself.
-0.8176 If those two colonial piles of shit would stop sticking their warty dicks in everything we wouldn't be having these problems.