/u/smugliberaltears is kind of a dick.

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0.8391 are growing. The US and other Western nations need to treat this like they treat the Islamic State.
0.7845 We need to treat the neonazi filth like we treat the Islamic State.
0.7712 how is this at -14 while literal neonazis are all over here going "gosh, hitler sure was great!
0.765 As they say in glorious nippon, arigatou, bakka gaijin *doffs trilby and bows low, showing off his superior knowledge of bushido and katana mastery*
0.743 oh wow, that's like an instant sub
0.743 It's like you're every shit-eating redditor ever, crammed into one amazing gimmick.
0.6717 Yes, because white supremacists totally aren't known for raping children. Oh wait.
0.6697 ancaps) fucking love these neonazis and will often back them up.
0.6588 just look at how great it is to live in these first world countries!
0.6486 expecting "inclusive institutions" to do anything other than look nice is like putting a bandaid on a sucking chest wound and calling it a day.
0.6369 neonazis and classical liberals love each other.

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-0.91 Wish we knew where his corpse was so we could dig it up and fuck with it once a year on the anniversary of his suicide, just to mess with neonazis
-0.9062 I thought that CMV from yesterday about eugenics was bad, but this "mutliculturalism is literally white genocide" shit is somehow even worse.
-0.8928 fascism is a specific set of ideologies, it's not a word that means "stupid jerk-faces I disagree with," you fucking water-headed twat.
-0.8842 How are so many of you so completely fooled by neonazi propaganda? How are you *actually* this much of a gullible idiot?
-0.8583 Literally kill all vestiges of capitalism entirely or fuck off.
-0.8555 While liberals are busy keening over Trump, *actual* fascist terrorists are having a field day.
-0.8481 Then the Night of the Long Knives happened and they were killed, because Nazis hate gay people, regardless of politics.
-0.8268 the shit I've seen would fucking ruin you.
-0.8032 Living in an area where you basically just expect to get raped, get your home taken from you, and not have drinkable water isn't fucking easy.
-0.802 this site will make them stupid and cruel.
-0.7964 Found the delusional moron who's so "cucked" by literal neonazi propaganda that he's become worthless as a person.
-0.7906 racist jokes are still racist dude.