/u/smart_arsed_heathen is very positive!

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0.9423 Thanks glad to hear you like what you see and she is delicious BTW, That is a claim we love to be challenged on.....
0.8748 Thanks again for sharing her gorgeous pussy!
0.8481 I love a gorgeous red head with glasses....
0.8442 Happy you got your courage up to share and that's not the only thing you managed to get up......
0.8268 What a gorgeous lady doing such a sexy thing!
0.8268 Your buddy is one lucky stiff to have friends like you!
0.8221 I would love to cum on your gorgeous tits!
0.8042 Please assure her that she is not alone in her hopes.
0.7997 Can't fault you at all for trying to help other people enjoy themselves more.
0.7897 You've got an enchanting smile and one incredibly beautiful body!
0.7845 If the dear friend had cum over as well, I have a standing request to snort a line off her.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 I'll settle for her breast or ass.
-0.4019 After all she should not be left wanting due to another's error.
0.0 Not exactly Dallas, just an hour away though.
0.0 Is Sarah going to video it for me?
0.0 Keep up what you're doing.
0.0 I know I will be watching
0.0 The inside of the thigh ends with me burying my face in her crotch at the end of the line.
0.0 That would really have sent things way out of control!
0.0 Just put something up.
0.0 I'm very much looking forward to when you do.
0.0 You are both very welcum indeed.
0.0 Getting the wife into a DVP with me and another guy.