/u/sm00th_malta7 is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 Renewal clean energy is the future, everyone is investing in clean energy.
0.7648 I don't think depression was ever a positive trait.
0.7371 I LOVE man with long hair!
0.7096 Haha good one.
0.6689 This is really beautiful!
0.6369 I would love to see a live action of this.
0.6369 Ha nice one.
0.6259 Don't forget attention whore too.
0.6249 Great input on the complexity of Africa.
0.6249 Most of them are educated, polite and liberal except for their religious leaders, with a long great history compared to the Saudis.
0.6124 Power Rangers was the shit.

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-0.8225 Kill the undesirable.
-0.8176 You kill the arts you kill culture and lively hood of the people.
-0.8074 This is why I hate driving on i45 North a lot of shitty drivers around that area.
-0.8029 With our current technology, we can make anything into a weapon and that is TERRIFYING!!
-0.7684 When you're trying to explain a concept but to the listener, you're just a crazy person spouting nonsense.
-0.7269 Gun violence. I considered myself lucky that I haven't witnessed someone getting shot or having a gun pointed at me.
-0.6705 Seriously, all this bullshit is coming from them.
-0.6486 Nothing worse than pity from others.
-0.6418 This is so disturbing that I can't see the US the same anymore.
-0.6131 I couldn't really expressed my self through art because I felt that I wasn't good enough or someone would find my topics too depressing.
-0.6124 Yeah that's why Afghanistan is also harder considered the death of empires because of the terrain and the isolated tribes.
-0.5994 At this rate is republicans are starting a class war.