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0.902 Wow, this is great, thanks!
0.8918 I love the glasses girl especially, and nice progress on the funisher portraits!
0.8883 Yes, just colored modeling clay :) glad you like it!
0.8771 This is really nice, I love the warmness of it.
0.8688 Oh, this is so pretty, I love the delicate textures of it.
0.857 :D Edit: also the new banner is so pretty!
0.8555 Interested to see the results, happy drawing all :)
0.8529 I didn't start out terrible at drawing but I struggled with creating a finished looking piece vs a sketch so that's what I've been working on, getting braver with permanent things like ink.
0.8519 Such a good idea, I would love to join that.
0.8472 I appreciated the sentiment behind this, thank you :)
0.8442 Thank you all for such an encouraging place to practice and get inspired. Edit: Fixed order issue.

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-0.8126 There are a lot a lot a lot of pieces not included in there from ALL periods of time because they are bad and should die.
-0.7066 I don't know if it's the same for everyone but I have way more back pain when thin compared to when my weight was 70lb higher.
-0.651 But it's so hard to abandon a decent sketch on expensive paper!
-0.6369 To make the different colors in the flamingo head I made one cut in the head then stuck the next piece in, cut that, etc.
-0.6269 It makes me so mad how even when something's new and you can see you're figuring it out, there's still just Art leaking out all over the place.
-0.6124 I'm sorry, I think I have told you that you anger me before.
-0.6124 Ugh, feelings happening, stop that.
-0.5411 Hah, I have literally stolen that flower to put in my hair before, so I approve!
-0.4585 I'm least happy with the peacock, if I did it again I'd use a darker blue buttercream and work on the head/tail proportions.
-0.4019 You can spend a little more time on drawing before you paint if you think there are perspective problems.
-0.3412 A lot of the older images are photos rather than scans which is why they aren't as bright.
-0.296 I think it would be a lot faster to trace over photos on a separate layer than to mess around posing figures and figuring out how to output it in the style you want.