/u/sleepytimevanilla is very positive!

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0.902 Wow, this is great, thanks!
0.8771 This is really nice, I love the warmness of it.
0.8731 That's so pretty, I hope to see more from you :)
0.8688 Oh, this is so pretty, I love the delicate textures of it.
0.8623 Your work is so pretty, I love seeing it.
0.857 :D Edit: also the new banner is so pretty!
0.8442 I hope the ongoing awesome artists submitting get acknowledged as well.
0.8439 Thank you for selecting me, /u/sgt_mary_mary & co., and thanks to all of you for the kind comments!
0.836 Thanks for a cute photo :)
0.8316 Glad you liked it :) [scanned it]
0.8268 I love the lines, it's a really pretty drawing.

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-0.7469 I don't know if it varies by color or anything, I usually stick to sepia, but as long as I let it dry for a second I've had no problems.
-0.7351 Fifteen years of that and I function fairly normally with mostly minor panic attacks.
-0.651 But it's so hard to abandon a decent sketch on expensive paper!
-0.6369 To make the different colors in the flamingo head I made one cut in the head then stuck the next piece in, cut that, etc.
-0.5574 Stick to low mess things so your time goes to producing art rather than setup/cleanup.
-0.5411 Hah, I have literally stolen that flower to put in my hair before, so I approve!
-0.4973 I don't like the waxiness of Prismacolors myself but it's a big investment if it turns out you don't like them.
-0.4767 yeah /u/joshoclast is dead on with why I didn't do it at the time..
-0.4585 I'm least happy with the peacock, if I did it again I'd use a darker blue buttercream and work on the head/tail proportions.
-0.4506 Watercolors and I have slowly gone from enemies to awkward roommates who don't like each other but are coming to terms with each others' quirks.
-0.4404 Can I get a note on my file that I just suck at being a human and am not of any concern?
-0.4369 All the lost years of fitting into society left me pretty inept at forming deeper connections so I can chat with people but almost never make real friends.