/u/skragzilla is a total dick!

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0.911 Surely those brave defenders of social justice couldn't all be wrong?
0.9049 OK, good luck winning elections.
0.7906 Between this and that queer romance game all the usual suspects wrote about and nobody fucking played, it's almost like the audience they're wishing for doesn't exist.
0.7845 Everyone has decided that they care about your precious SJW opinions so very much, and the course of society is going just the way you wanted.
0.7783 You may as well start thinking up more reasons why "Islam had nothing to do with this" right now because we all know perfectly god damn well that you're going to need them soon.
0.7717 Popular middle of the road sitcoms now make safe space jokes that nobody outside of KIA/TIA would have even understood a couple years ago.
0.7297 LOL. Nobody actually wants your "diversity" garbage and the people you hoped would show up to buy it didn't.
0.7289 The normies aren't terribly likely to either know or care about the race of some character in a Japanese cartoon from 20 years ago.
0.7269 Popularity equals *someone's* interest.
0.7269 Remember a couple years ago when it was just internet people laughing at "safe spaces" and not everyone in the world?
0.7186 He certainly doesn't make the argument using data or evidence, Yeah maybe their VP of Sales doesn't know what he's talking about!

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-0.9313 Turning the whole thing into a war against sexism and then losing that war is entirely on the heads of the screechy ass SJW contingent in the press and elsewhere.
-0.9239 That's why Hillary Clinton is President and your faggot SJW bullshit totally doesn't get laughed at anywhere that isn't a ruthlessly moderated safe space.
-0.9231 Typical SJW nonsense, assume anyone sick of your bullshit must identify with sexists and racists.
-0.9217 The era during which people gave a fuck about moral condemnation from you whiny faggots is already receding in the rear-view mirror anyway. Seriously, that isn't a fucking woman.
-0.9153 Feminist Cunt Thor and Black Girl Ironman and bullshit like that were obvious unmarketable garbage and were doomed in the eyes of anyone who wasn't a kool-aid drinking SJW dipshit.
-0.9022 What they hate is shitty preach SJW bullshit writing.
-0.8934 Eat shit and die, cunt.
-0.8885 Fuck this game, fuck Polygon, and fuck you.
-0.8788 FFS they actual interviewed a suspect. And then decided that there was no credible threat and declined to issue an alert.
-0.8655 They aren't buying it and scolding from you faggots isn't going to make them, so fuck you.
-0.8519 If Limbaugh gets popped for murder tomorrow it's because he committed murder, not because of some kind of ongoing cultural shift.
-0.8402 Hahaha yeah, Marvel's VP of Sales was lying to the press about how shit their sales are, really everyone totally wants to buy Bitchy Feminist Thor or whatever the fuck.