/u/skragzilla is a total dick!

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0.7906 Between this and that queer romance game all the usual suspects wrote about and nobody fucking played, it's almost like the audience they're wishing for doesn't exist.
0.7845 Everyone has decided that they care about your precious SJW opinions so very much, and the course of society is going just the way you wanted.
0.765 She was a great candidate, great candidate, best candidate to ever lose to a guy everyone said was the worst candidate in history.
0.7269 Popularity equals *someone's* interest.
0.7003 I think there's maybe one other American-born white guy in the place total. Trust me, if anyone called themselves a "person of color" everyone would look at them like they had two heads.
0.69 It's like the left's version of "thanks Obama!"
0.6486 K, well, nobody else seems to care.
0.6249 We're just gonna keep running these great candidates until the Reps get enough states to start ramming through constitutional amendments.
0.5837 In America! But wait, it was black tranny, and that's enough oppression points for it to be news if you care about that sort of thing!
0.5448 A man in a dress still isn't a woman, you faggot.
0.5244 How much of the female vote would we get THEN?! 54% Fucking lol.

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-0.9403 The zillion people on it saying retard and faggot, or feminist dipshits who make the mistake of spewing their nonsense in a forum where the public is allowed to mock them?
-0.9239 That's why Hillary Clinton is President and your faggot SJW bullshit totally doesn't get laughed at anywhere that isn't a ruthlessly moderated safe space.
-0.9217 The era during which people gave a fuck about moral condemnation from you whiny faggots is already receding in the rear-view mirror anyway. Seriously, that isn't a fucking woman.
-0.9186 Do you dumb shits really imagine there's anyone anywhere outside the SJW echo chamber who wouldn't think this guy sounds like a pathetic emasculated faggot?
-0.9044 Maybe if it slips enough you whiny faggots will be able to poke your faces outside the hugbox and post your shit opinions without being treated like laughingstocks.
-0.8934 Eat shit and die, cunt.
-0.8885 Fuck this game, fuck Polygon, and fuck you.
-0.8807 Fuck that fat sow and fuck you too, cunt.
-0.8788 FFS they actual interviewed a suspect. And then decided that there was no credible threat and declined to issue an alert.
-0.872 I just hate game "journalists" in particular because they're close to a hobby I'm into and they're SJW retards like you faggots. Write it down and shove it up your ass.
-0.8432 It won't matter and nobody will give a shit, faggot.
-0.8402 Eat shit, faggot.