/u/skragzilla is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 Remember that time a bunch of high-profile press outlets spent years giving your heroines free hype, and you retards were convinced that it must mean SOMETHING?
0.8481 That's nice, you're sure doing great.
0.8176 Yes, people made fun of feminism before like three years ago.
0.8137 Why don't you faggots cry more about receiving a politely worded PM like the soft pussy snowflakes you are?
0.7845 Haha, sorry to necro but I finally got around to checking my messages and this was just precious.
0.7777 Make anyone go "Wow Anita's opinions are interesting, I should watch her videos!" You can't get anyone to watch.
0.7579 Ha ha, you thought the general public might actually be interested in your views.
0.7269 This is the first time I've seen someone bring up the UN visit like it was a positive thing in a long time.
0.7263 Yeah sounds fantastic!
0.7184 People are paying her 400k to post into the void. Where do actual peeeeeeople come into this glorious revolution?
0.7184 What do I care how nice a car she drives or whatever?

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-0.9398 I come here to troll SJWs, I can't imagine being one of the faggots on either side here who take this bullshit seriously enough to actually watch any of this shit.
-0.926 Instead it's been a cavalcade of dumb faggots torturing the English language trying to make "got good seats" and "one had a camera" sound as sinister as possible.
-0.886 This is the maximum amount of shit the world will ever give about le harassment of bitchy feminists online.
-0.8834 They're already at the "abloo bloo bloo death threats" stage, and even on r/politics the top posts on the thread about THAT are all talking about how CNN fucked up.
-0.8779 Fuck off you stupid cunt.
-0.8745 The only things funnier are boo-hoo "cotton ceiling" articles where trannies whine that none of the virtue signalers actually believe this shit hard enough to want to fuck one.
-0.8689 Lack of older males leads to abberant violent behavior among young males even in fucking elephant herds and shit.
-0.8689 It has to take a lot for an r/politics thread about le alt-right death threats to go the wrong way.
-0.8625 How about you just stop trying to be the Insult Police you cocksucker?
-0.8591 Oh look some faggot SJW saw some racism.
-0.8573 That's a nice liberal talking point, but maybe someone should get you the latest liberal talking points. Fuck yes, slam dunk, fuck context.
-0.8559 It's not like anyone in the real world gives a fuck about SJW bullshit or actually wants to learn about cultural appropriation, feminist critique, or the rest of that garbage.