/u/skragzilla is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 After god knows how many cycles of trying to get you guys to name what you thought was "disruptive" I think the best you came up with was "they sat in the front row." lol
0.8398 Wow their viewpoints must be super popular!" looooool
0.8313 Yeah like \*boo hoo\* they sat in the front row and and and like \*sniffle\* they made videos critical of some of the participants and that's being an ASSHOLE! Hahaha fucking whiny pussy SJWs.
0.743 Fewer people want to watch Anita's super important feminist critiques than want to watch a Naruto AMV made by your kid sister.
0.7351 Because kicking you twats on the way down is fun and easy.
0.7162 Or maybe its not a cult. Oh don't worry, SJW faggots have been fully living up to their reputations in this case with doxxing and nonsensical screeching about white supremacy.
0.7096 I pretty much just treat you all as one person who posts a whole lot.
0.7065 Kicking you guys on the way down is just so delightful.
0.7003 Which he's done a pretty fair number of times now.
0.6997 This is all exactly what it looks like when nobody fucking cares.
0.6875 You lot were so smug when your heroes were getting all that press, and acted like "But who actually cares?" was a ridiculous question.

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-0.8658 You know criticism is also a form of talking, right? So, in conclusion, eat shit cunt.
-0.8648 How could we dumb gators not see that MSNBC the New York Times and such were Very Important and no doubt swaying all sorts of people? But whoops, turns out nobody gave a fuck after all.
-0.8567 You faggots have been doing this whole "LOOK HOW BAD THIS PERSON IS" routine to smaller and smaller audiences for years now. How's that working out for you?
-0.8399 Now I get to watch you dumb cunts squirm and try to act like putting your viewpoints out for public consumption and getting back only crickets totally means nothing. It's great.
-0.8288 You're deep into SJW retard territory if this strikes you as anything but hilariously stupid.
-0.8271 Remember when you thought I might give a fuck what faggots on here "call out" or not?
-0.8271 Nobody buys Quinn's book, nobody watches Anita's videos, nobody went to those dumbass harassment conferences, nobody goes to your shitty subs, nobody cares.
-0.8126 I don't know what everyone else thinks, but I view her as no real threat.
-0.8074 I mean what the fuck did you retards think was gonna happen when relative normies finally caught on to the existence of your tumblr-tier bullshit?
-0.796 Nobody gives a fucking shit if you get called a cunt on the internet.
-0.7783 The former mostly seems good for clickbait about who got called a whore on Twitter and why it's a national catastrophe.
-0.765 In other words you're fucked and you have no response.