/u/skankhunt_42 is a total dick!

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0.7184 Sharing is caring.
0.6369 And your mother gives the best dome.
0.5707 You'll be happier!
0.5267 It's just another shitpost attempt to gain karma.
0.4449 How about you just don't post shit anymore.
0.4215 There was no need to be rude especially since he looked like he cared and wanted to help.
0.4019 That's definitely what your mom says.
0.3818 She was alive when I started.
0.368 No it isn't you fucking faggot.
0.3612 Just like they did 9/11.
0.3612 Just like when I dicked down your mother.

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-0.9293 They obviously can if you read it and felt the need to reply back so bad you dumb fucking faggot.
-0.9231 Damn this bitch is ugly as fuck.
-0.8481 Want to feel my cock in your ass, faggot.
-0.8402 You're starting to be a piece of shit, faggot.
-0.8316 Fuck off you fat whore.
-0.8316 Except the conspiracy theory that I fucked your mom.
-0.8074 Are we on the way to fuck the same bitch?
-0.7964 If I was him I would've told your mom to go fuck herself and called you a dumbass for not doing research prior to your purchase.
-0.7906 That old bitch probably has dust coming out of her cunt.
-0.7845 Shut the fuck up you stupid Jew.
-0.7783 Your girlfriend is ugly as fuck.
-0.765 There is no hospital on Yorktown, faggot.