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0.8955 Yeah, I'm pretty certain that was a couple of thousand ready meals being transported like that!
0.8588 Would love for you to join our mature SMP community!
0.8519 Welcome to the server have fun :)
0.8316 Excellent post and a great insight into your design process + 3 points
0.8271 Honestly I think your horse video was the highlight of the challenges for me over the last year :) + 3 points
0.8074 Awesome, enjoy yourself
0.802 Yeah we'll sort something out for you, Glad to have you back :)
0.7964 Just a great generic comment :)
0.7777 Cool area, better than having it outside that's for sure!
0.7684 This is a note 2 so not the latest but a great phone I've got for cheap to replace the note 1 that was robbed on the night bus recently.
0.765 Looks like the start of a great city + 2 points

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5574 Hello Camo. The ban will stand.
-0.5574 Taking from other players chests was the reason for the ban and it will stand.
-0.5106 It may be used to reply to people with their score implying they are a dick etc.
-0.4215 If not give me a quick reply here and Ill readd you.
-0.34 Well I can imagine one animal finding the tragic loss of another significant.
-0.3353 Works on both sky and virgin for most major blocked sites.
-0.3089 Were you not entertained?
-0.25 Swearing and age are not relational.
-0.2263 I forget those bars give off light + 2 points
-0.1779 I didn't realise that Samsung had moved away from allowing ROMs easily on their latest models which is a real shame.
-0.126 Looks like an isolation chamber, a cosy one at that!
-0.0772 Top bloke and underestimated singer imo.