/u/sillystrangeboy is kind of a dick.

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0.7425 Trump I think Bernie VS trump would of been more fair and bernie would of won.
0.6908 R.I.P sweet dreams.
0.6369 make them drink toliet water and say "I love white people"
0.5719 Bernie Sanders should of been the Democratic Nominee anyways, Hillary NEVER could of won.
0.5423 lmfao this isn't a legitimate news source.
0.4939 This oddly adorable
0.4754 Macbuntu is very nice too.
0.4588 Harambe was smarter.
0.4199 Male Privilege!
0.3818 Dear Asian people...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9513 Fuck Obama - HATE CRIME Fuck White people!
-0.8192 SAD that you scam a pornstar.
-0.802 Not a Hate crime
-0.798 They will use any excuse to riot, loot Wal-Mart, and burn down their own cities. No, It proves BLM doesn't care about Black Lives
-0.7906 Well, Nobody else would do it but a islamic terrorist.
-0.7692 No need for the hostility, I don't support scammers nor women who exploit themselves for a quick buck.
-0.7579 no dead black people.
-0.7152 They wanted "Ransom" I wouldn't be so fast to kill something that would potentially give me money.
-0.6166 Wouldn't you think? In other words These people are SICK and deserve to be shot.
-0.6124 b-b-b-but he is racist
-0.5719 We could find a solution for earth problems in space by researching failed planets.