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0.9182 Yeah I guess your right....guess it wasn't the steam edition cuz the date on the file on my PC is from 4yrs ago....oh well I fly XP now so who cares lol
0.9015 Exactly what molly said....learning to fly the 407 like a pro was probably my greatest sim accomplishment ever and it's just so rewarding everytime I fly it.....never gets old.
0.8934 Oh well still a great plane tho and will be streaming this one today to see how she flys....twitch.tv/theMach3lounge tune in and feel free to join in chat if you have questions about the bird....
0.8932 That's amazing for a default aircraft!....Heck thats Amazing in any SIM period lol
0.8478 Hopefully we see them in 11.1 these XP11 default aircraft air pretty neat!
0.8442 I know there's a free mod onbthe org being done for the 737 that gettin better and better with every update the guy does for it.
0.836 LoL I wish we had a propper 175/95 sim sir to do your Bird Justice.
0.8327 Yup best $70 you could ever spend in XP!
0.8192 Nice always lookin for XP Helicopter folks to hang with and fly the 407 shared cockpit on PilotEdge with.
0.8176 :) enjoy and be sure to wipe the drool everyone and a while
0.8143 Great Shot.....I'm Arizonian myself and fly this area all the Time in XP ...USA_2 ZL17 for Arizona and California.....everywhere else I have 16.

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-0.5994 I had an usb 2.0 - 2.5" 5200rpm external drive on my laptop when I simmed on that with no problems what so ever.
-0.5423 To bad this isn't in DCS
-0.5423 To bad same guy didn't do the VC
-0.3818 Crap realy?
-0.34 Chuck Yeagers Air Combat
-0.296 Still no SID ir STARs tho
-0.296 na i missed it
-0.296 Try the ortho i bought from MegaScenery Earth for FSX/P3D and paid $60 just for Arizona and had no autogen/cars or anything on it now that's what i call "Flat"
-0.284 Its still not great but they fixed a lot of stuff with it on the last g1000 update they had a few months ago.
-0.2023 Strange I've never had any issues with it.
-0.128 Was sad to see v3 was not this upgrade I had hoped for.
-0.0258 The VC is hard to look and kills it for me.....the exterior model is Amazing.