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0.9286 Good luck and feel free to message me anytime even after you go in I would love to hear how things are going!
0.9182 Yeah I guess your right....guess it wasn't the steam edition cuz the date on the file on my PC is from 4yrs ago....oh well I fly XP now so who cares lol
0.9015 Exactly what molly said....learning to fly the 407 like a pro was probably my greatest sim accomplishment ever and it's just so rewarding everytime I fly it.....never gets old.
0.8934 Oh well still a great plane tho and will be streaming this one today to see how she flys....twitch.tv/theMach3lounge tune in and feel free to join in chat if you have questions about the bird....
0.8932 That's amazing for a default aircraft!....Heck thats Amazing in any SIM period lol
0.8786 Just another cool thing about XP that I love is the community is really in control of the world we fly in!
0.8647 Thats cuz I built it :) and KSAZ Sedona and many other AZ airports....all airports in XP are built by the community and eventually put into XP as Defualt airports in the next update.
0.8478 Hopefully we see them in 11.1 these XP11 default aircraft air pretty neat!
0.8398 Just remember Life is going to suck your first 6 months then it gets better and better and then by year 2-3 your stating to feel like a Real Coast Guard badass and loving life!
0.836 If yes then go buy XP11 and enjoy :)
0.8192 Nice always lookin for XP Helicopter folks to hang with and fly the 407 shared cockpit on PilotEdge with.

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-0.5994 I had an usb 2.0 - 2.5" 5200rpm external drive on my laptop when I simmed on that with no problems what so ever.
-0.5945 Why does it look so grainy and crappy on my GTX1070SC?
-0.5574 You could get selected to be a Fireman or a Seaman out of bootcamp and unfortunately you have no choice it is the needs of the service.
-0.5423 To bad this isn't in DCS
-0.4019 Damn that's a Deal if you ask me.....cuz from the looks of Elite is gonna cost me $60 a year
-0.34 Chuck Yeagers Air Combat
-0.296 Still no SID ir STARs tho
-0.296 na i missed it
-0.296 Try the ortho i bought from MegaScenery Earth for FSX/P3D and paid $60 just for Arizona and had no autogen/cars or anything on it now that's what i call "Flat"
-0.284 Its still not great but they fixed a lot of stuff with it on the last g1000 update they had a few months ago.
-0.2244 10yrs later I think i have only met 3 other Coasties in my life we are a Badass rare breed!
-0.128 Was sad to see v3 was not this upgrade I had hoped for.