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0.9575 I want a amazing A320 for XP like everyone else and I think FF can do it im just not seeing it in those pics or that latest vid they released....Rain Effects look great tho!
0.8924 Ive had more fun messin around with this free mods as of late than I do with high priced payware and I hope you guys do to!
0.8374 Then I just added XP11 to my steam games so I can launch it from steam BEST of BOTH WORLDS :)
0.8126 Ok Cool thanks a Bunch guys ill probably get it rite now then.....been away from PS4 gaming for a bit and just got back into it and this game looks Amazing
0.8031 Isn't it Amazing Someone Post a Cool XP Pic and this becomes P3D vs XP???...and its 'happy for you guys" who's "you guys"?
0.7906 Defualt clouds are looking pretty amazing in this shot.....nice
0.7717 Happy Flying :)
0.7701 The CS757 3D model was a Masterpiece!...so is their 767!....the FF757/767 are good aircraft but if youve been simming for the last 5-8yrs its nothing we haven't seen before or better!
0.765 LoL thats sounds amazing
0.765 Id like to see the G600 in the Caravan its a great system and gets allbits SID/STAR info from the 430/530

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-0.7705 we need a new X-Plane forums where everything is real and legit and crappy devs can't hide their crappy products behind the protection of the org cuz the org wants to sell productys.
-0.7263 Dat Dirty Dirty SAS!
-0.6249 All this hype for the Hornet at E3 and it was the worst marketing of a product I've ever seen.
-0.5707 Put some headphones on Crank up the Base and OMG Those start up sounds are wicked!
-0.4867 Im gonna Donate $20 to Zibo also his work on this plane has been nothing less than amazing!
-0.481 6 yrs in development and that's all they have to show and its according to wags "in vary early Alpha with a long way to go"?.....geez laweez.....wake me up when this bad dream is over in 2018.
-0.3802 They even have Train Sim World for 44% off I noticed and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 "Which just released" for 59% OFF....Crazy Stuff!
-0.3753 So the big popular site has failed me and the small "sketchy" site never has lol go figure.....
-0.3612 Dang that sucks I thought it was just me cuz I deleted a waypoint trying to fix the approach.....did you report that to the forums yet?
-0.296 Still no IRS?
-0.296 No trailer on YouTube to go with the E3 Demo or nothin.
-0.2244 Ok guess ill be buying the 737 now when 1.1 drops!