/u/shortbushero is very positive!

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0.9259 :) I'm glad you still have both your eyes, and best of luck at uni!
0.9245 It's totally opened up a new world for me and I can better understand how things are made and mass produced :) Best of luck on your apprenticeship!
0.9231 Thanks very much for your kind words. I did get a bit of grief from people when I said I wasn't willing to sell it, and I do certainly feel a lot better after reading your comment. Thanks again :)
0.9141 I want to be best friend with you right now :D
0.8858 Best of luck with the rest of your healing and I hope you get back to climbing soon!
0.8779 Right now though, I'm just honored that people who spend money on buying something that I do on my free time :)
0.8625 Best of luck in your machining adventures and may your fingers and toes always stay attached.
0.8625 Sounds like your dad was a great guy :)
0.8402 I'm glad I was able to inspire someone into doing something cool.
0.8271 Thank you kindly :)
0.8172 Best of luck!

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-0.7964 Around 3.5 pounds -- not exactly heavy, but just enough to put you in some pain if you drop it on your toes.
-0.7579 It will crush your toes if you accidentally drop it on your feet though :/
-0.6705 For shame :/
-0.6249 I shattered it into three separate pieces so I had to get a plate and a handful of screws put in.
-0.5994 As a person who's had a lot of problems with self-worth in the past, you have no idea how much this means to me.
-0.5927 I was thinking about just painting it, but that's kinda just the quick and dirty option.
-0.5269 CNC mill with a 45 degree tapered end mill. If I was really old-schooling it, I'd put it on a lathe and turn each side, but I'm nowhere near that good yet. Maybe one day, though!
-0.5256 I'm his boyfriend, and I can confirm that he does poop with the door open and it's really gross.
-0.4404 OP, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
-0.4404 Copyright though :(
-0.4215 I broke my talus bone too climbing a month back and I'm still in the recovery phase.
-0.3919 I tried to pop on the gaymers tinychat, but I think was pretty dead.