/u/shopdog is very positive!

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28Overall Score
30Positive Score
4Negative Score
64Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8783 I'd love to collar a sexy little thing like you!
0.8398 Happy birthday gorgeous!
0.8126 I'd love to pussy spank you by hand, so I can feel how wet you get.
0.8074 You're a beautiful and sexy woman.
0.8 You look absolutely lovely like that!
0.7906 Welcome back gorgeous
0.7901 We love tummies around here, so show off as much as you like!
0.7574 Eating you out from behind followed by some good hard doggy style sounds wonderful!
0.7351 Those deep throating skills and happy smile.
0.7088 Love a beautiful red and bruised ass!
0.6989 I absolutely love your curves!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 With an ass that hot, I can understand that!
-0.5423 *writes 'Shopdog wuz here' on your ass in Sharpie*
-0.5423 That ass and those legs are the stars of the show.
-0.2263 Hurt you just the way you like it.
-0.2003 Sweet ass and bruises!
-0.1759 Looks like someone needs some sun block rubbed on all over!
-0.126 Flawless, ass, asshole and pussy!
0.0 You doing anything tomorrow night?
0.0 Take pictures when he does!
0.0 I volunteer as tribute!
0.0 Road-head trip?
0.0 Need some company in there?