/u/shopdog is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8658 Would love to try and help keep her satisfied.
0.8537 Size 10 Great handful size Shape 10 Full but perky Misc 10 Love the areola size, shape and color.
0.8316 Wow, you're simply gorgeous.
0.8268 Love those hand prints!
0.8122 Wow, that was fun to listen to this morning!
0.802 Wow, sexy mouth.
0.7777 I would love to see you standing and bent over from behind wearing those, please!
0.7351 I'd love to pull on the chain ;-)
0.7088 I'm sure he appreciates it!
0.6908 I've always liked it when good girls beg.
0.69 Lovely ass and great bruises!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5983 Holy shit that's hot!
-0.5848 What an ass!
-0.5848 Not bad at all!
-0.5423 Too bad we can't see your o face.
-0.5423 Now, bend over and put your ass in the air for us.
-0.5106 Or power washing a giant dick on the tower...
-0.3164 I like you ass up, too!
-0.296 You look sexy as hell in them.
-0.2481 Nice ass to pound!
-0.2023 No need to apologize.
0.0 *Naughty librarian/secretary fantasy intensifies* Meet me in the supply closet
0.0 Has the rope over your pussy made you cum?