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0.931 I'm pretty sure Ground Decoration is in already. In regards to Aura Bag /u/jagexharrison made great progress on it, not got any more to share regarding that yet.
0.9143 We never like delaying content where dates have been announced but in this case we consider it necessary to make sure the Magister has the level of challenge and rewards we want you to enjoy.
0.8776 Thank you for sharing some of the stats on this :D
0.8757 Congratulations! Run us down through all of it, I want to hear how much you played each day/which boss pet you got first, etc :P
0.8678 This, yet again is absolutely amazing. Great stuff!
0.8455 Can't wait for this, /u/jagexdaze has done a great job with it :D
0.8398 amazing stuff regardless, congratulations!
0.8316 We've not touched the catch rate or skilling bonuses to the best of my knowledge.
0.8313 I believe there will be a reward for catching them all. Regardless, amazing stuff /u/Charzila!
0.8225 This was actually brought up to me by one of our testers, I'm going to leave it for now but if it seems like people want to change it I can tweak around with it :)
0.8176 It's down as a feedback job, pretty sure it'll be removed in the future :)

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-0.6808 I'll raise the fact that the offline screen has it listed, there is no Q&A today :(
-0.5848 Rip. My bad!
-0.4939 Known issue, we'll be fixing it, sorry about that :(
-0.4767 Are you clicking it by accident because you are rushing through the interface?
-0.4767 if it happens at Rax something tells me that's a funky GFX problem. What's your GPU?
-0.4404 It's a buff bar issue at the moment, this'll happen with Scrimshaws also I believe :(
-0.3612 I can ask, but unsure, I'll chase it up. EDIT: [Job done]
-0.2292 That isn't the case, the 'batta' drop isn't a guaranteed HSR no, it'd be like the blurberry drop which if you happened to get on the HSR table is a 1/10 drop of rolling the HSR
-0.2263 Currently my focus is just on ability damage at the moment.
-0.2215 I'm in the Combat Council so stuff like Buff Bar and Hitsplats even though I'm doing them would not have happened without their help.
-0.1901 This sucks, but we're aware /u/jagexpi is all over it and we should have a fix in the near future.
-0.1511 Not my plan currently sorry!