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0.9062 You guys have and always continue to smash it <3 Thanks for being amazing, hopefully I've helped you guys out in someway.
0.8979 Screenshot #6 is amazing, great stuff :)
0.8921 I've not made it reset when you go in because I think it's a good way to change up your DG adventures. So yeah, have fun with it!
0.8847 Honestly, a 0% is somewhat similar to a GWD2 Challenge Mode, you can solo Nex and I've yet to do that but I'm at 300% Telos. Just go and dive in, and try it you may surprise yourself :D
0.8777 I'm honestly glad to hear that, lovely picture!
0.8641 I wanted the card myself, but nooooooooooo. I'll reopen the post on RSOF in 35 minutes , but excited to see what screenshots are posted on reddit also :D
0.8585 Ohhhhh yes, beautiful stuff, more please!
0.8553 Yay, I'm glad you're liking it, means a lot!
0.8331 Glad you're getting stuck in with the Goshima Skybox, nice one :D
0.8271 I'm positive this isn't related to the Skyboxes themselves, try and clear the Skybox and see if it still looks like that.
0.8201 It is, but I'll hopefully get it changed for a future update if I've done it properly :)

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-0.7964 144 kills, 310% Enrage.
-0.7574 I approve of the Skybox... Also, that's a staggering amount of kills, insane stuff /u/Xenon_Ray!
-0.6412 Something we're looking into at the moment, sorry about it not letting you play :(
-0.6208 Yeah would be awesome if that's the case but sadly for this iteration it wasn't possible, sorry about that :(
-0.4939 Looking into this issue now, sorry about this :(
-0.4404 It applies a default env effect when teleporting so it'll remove that as it takes priority :(
-0.3566 So I have no idea what this reference is. Just saying.
-0.3182 When you teleport, the script applies a default environmental effect because if you say teleport to Mort then kept the Prif environment settings it'd look odd.
-0.1511 Sorry about the wait in-between!
-0.128 No restrictions on submissions, go nuts :)
-0.1027 Nah this is a different issue entirely that players are encountering at the moment.
-0.0173 Go and thieve a Elf, that'd make you loads back :P