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0.9259 I'll be remaining on RS3 /u/ModMatK asked if I could get involved and I'd happily help out where I can :) Was totally worth it :)
0.9062 let's say T posing wasn't the way forward I've removed it for the future but well it's still fun to look at :P
0.8793 Unsure why this is the case but thanks for the GIF means I can share :)
0.8622 Support :) I'm sure this post will be seen on Monday so you can be sure this'll be looked at!
0.8553 Love this post, congratulations on the event!
0.8442 Hope you all enjoyed the stream <3
0.8331 Take your upvote, brilliant :D
0.8168 I won't be in so hopefully you get a response then. Have a wonderful weekend!
0.7506 We're going to be removing Inspiration as a whole, as linked by /u/HashTagDeeperino :)
0.743 If that's the case my bad but still going to bring up the topic for discussion on Monday as it's clearly at the forefront right now :)
0.7345 Thanks for this! Passing it on for you :)

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-0.7469 Regarding Inspiration I'll ask around before Monday but I won't be around that day sadly :(
-0.5848 my bad there!
-0.3612 I've been reading the news on this but I'm unsure how this would affect us. I've passed it on to some people for you for Monday when everyone's back in the office.
-0.34 Passed on to Combat Council
-0.3319 **it doesn't reroll as it'd get quite scary.** so sorry about that!
-0.3182 Yeah I said it in gest and in retrospective a bad comment.
-0.296 TIL, I had no idea that persisted despite you having that perk.
-0.2942 It could have caused you to have different enrages depending on what ring you had on too". **Edit: Tier 4 ring works for all tier drops but high doesn't** In other news Java pet fix woop!
-0.2263 #BlameShauny - note: This won't work with current streaks prior to Mondays update - think of it as "basically as like having two alternate universes but with the Telos drop table.
-0.1012 Sadly not :(
0.0 What's the name?
0.0 Tagging /u/Jagexjon & /u/JagexJD