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0.92 To the best of my knowledge the crashing at Telos was fixed a few months back, we launched a whole load of new fixes today so you should be ok, good luck!
0.9161 I don't recall us saying that, we said it was next but to the best of my knowledge certainly not August, would be interested to see that :o
0.9141 Love this, well played :D
0.8914 Awesome to see it reached! Massive grats to Sadden, great stuff :D Edit: We'll be adding an in-game reference for this achievement so when that goes in keep an eye out!
0.8893 I honestly didn't know it was a thing until I was playing around with the splats, so thought extending it to 8 would help after the fix :D
0.8221 AoD has been update of the year for me, and loads of the updates that have come out as the year has gone by have been pretty awesome IMO!
0.8158 Yeah this will be a case of "Clan citadels are amazing goddamn" This isn't intended and it'll be fixed, they already give 0 xp so and they definitely shouldn't give components.
0.7927 That's fine if you don't care less but I think the majority like it :P
0.743 I commented on a post last week gathering feedback on doing it. I'll be sorting it hopefully during one TAPP, but making it it's own TLI has it's own challenge :)
0.7378 I disagree, the F2P stuff they released this week was a massive step forward for the game, and there's stuff that's came from them in the last few weeks that have been amazing also :D
0.7184 Sorry for the delay on that, but yeah it's out now :)

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-0.6818 It was inevitable, I don't like being the bearing of bad news, if ever.
-0.5574 Ironically this happened to me last night as I was waiting on my tree to grow for my Elite Varrock task... It died, and had to wait until this morning to get that finished.
-0.4767 It covers "categories" that use specific degrades, in this case there's about 1.2k items covered here.
-0.4404 Why :( why would you do this.
-0.4404 :( I'll pass this on so we can have a look
-0.4199 Depends when this project itself goes in, otherwise that'd involve merging the content streams which could get messy!
-0.4019 That's an insane amount of resources...
-0.2484 The overhanging text has a job in to fix already. Based on what I've seen people seem to enjoy it, so unsure why the outburst :(
-0.2481 Haven't fully woken up yet, Daze on the ball!
-0.2247 I originally got the 5 gems working however due to it being an odd number it makes it awfully difficult to display nicely so for now I've gone with just the text
-0.1511 I'll find out what's going on for you and get back to you, sorry about this!
0.0 That outfit...