/u/sharpie29 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8478 Great gif, wow!
0.8398 Lovely body, beautiful hair!
0.7959 Congrats you sexy couple!
0.7901 Loving the sharing!
0.75 She looks amazing, please have more!
0.7406 Fucking great gif!!!
0.6989 Fucking love it!
0.6696 Love the piercings too!
0.6696 I love everything that i see!
0.6696 You're the best!
0.6696 Love it all!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 Hot as hell!
-0.3595 Sexy as hell!
-0.2244 God damn hot!
0.0 Amazing!!!!
0.0 Maybe a more direct link?
0.0 https://openload.co/embed/wtgAy9mjgMQ/18829.mp4
0.0 Hot stuff guys
0.0 Fucking hot!!!
0.0 fucking amazin!
0.0 Can get [both versions] for $5 [here.]
0.0 Fucking hot!
0.0 Totally hot!