/u/shadowroguezx is very positive!

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0.955 Thanks for the guide :D I managed to get 5 wins on my second take two run, and my first wasn't too bad at 3 wins!
0.911 Thanks man, it was kinda lackluster but I enjoyed it at least :D
0.9008 I hope so, it would be awesome to get new stuff on my birthday :D
0.8918 This feels likes a dream come true :D
0.8445 Oh thanks for the rundown, and don't worry it was an amazing explanation
0.8374 It's a nice surprise to see fellow North Carolinians on this sub Reddit, especially ones that go to Mute City :D
0.836 I had a dream that EG had 3-0'd optic but there were close games, I just hope it turns out to be 3-2 in favor of either team
0.8331 This was a dream come true :D
0.7865 Thanks for the rundown man :D
0.7579 Thanks for the laugh
0.743 He seemed like a real down to earth guy, and judging from other have said, he had an amazing work ethic.

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-0.6486 No longer shall we wear our flair in shame
-0.6369 T_T Let us forget of our disappointment
-0.5954 awww you're right my bad I didnt look too carefully into it
-0.4588 Im jealous T_T
-0.3182 Different type of cheating, but A for effort
-0.1879 Also who doesn't love a good wobbling :D
-0.1576 Can I ask why hostage maps don't work in competitive, I've always been curious as to why they have always been excluded from map pools.
0.0 Ahhhh makes sense
0.0 Is that Archer the same one as the PR ranked Link PM player?
0.0 Never thought I would've ever seen Charlotte be brought up in a Reddit comment
0.0 Should this be spoiler tagged, because people might not have seen Pound 2016 and might wanna still see the VOD's.