/u/sgt_mary_mary is very positive!

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0.9534 And the flowers look so pretty :3 Fantastic work as always, thank you so much <3
0.94 Ooooo this is so cool :D I love the bright blue highlights, and the background.
0.9334 And your shading looks super good! Thank you so much, I love it <33
0.9211 Very nice pencil work - it looks great! Thank you so much <3
0.9159 Ooo, it's looking so good already :D lovely colours.
0.9146 ahhh this is so pretty <3 I love the way you draw flowers.
0.9001 Thank you for the beautiful piece, smiley <3
0.8998 And the composition is beautiful! Thank you so much sikefoo :D
0.8957 The hair is gorgeous, too. Beautiful work <3
0.8816 Ooo thank you :D This is wonderful.
0.8807 I showed my whole family and they all agreed it was super cool <3

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-0.7906 [Please read the subreddit rules.] Further violations of our civility policy will results in a ban.
-0.7906 Further violations will result in a ban.
-0.7096 I blame bad island wifi.
-0.6726 This comment was removed - don't be rude to other users on this sub. Further violations of our civility policy may result in a ban.
-0.6239 [this came out sort of lop-sided and weird], which I guess happens when you try to pain lying down thanks for the photo!
-0.4526 We don't allow discussion of leaked material outside spoilers infinite threads.
-0.4404 I swear I wrote a reply to this, but I can't see it now :s I've been out in the countryside with spotty internet so maybe it didn't get posted properly?
-0.3595 no such thing as late!
-0.34 We've stickied a new infinite thread for the leak.
-0.3182 Comment removed for lack of art and commenting on appearance.
-0.296 Not if it's used to be condescending to other users, no.
-0.25 This was removed due to the unclear title.