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0.9142 Also if you look close, you'll see that I do not have perfect points everywhere, but I think the layout seems to be pretty forgiving! The quilting is my favorite part!
0.8866 I LOVE dollhouses and I love your quilt!
0.8655 I love the way they look but ay yi yi I did not love making them!
0.8588 I love this picture of you too, it's just gorgeous!
0.854 I love your quilt, it turned out so cute!
0.8519 Oh my gosh, I love your quilt I think it's awesome you used it to practice new skills and it turned out so mod with the solids
0.8478 I haven't been recently but I LOVE going!
0.8478 Wow, it looks great!
0.8395 I'm glad you like it, I'm very pleased with how it turned out!
0.8172 Thanks for sharing your experience! When you made your piece with the gridded interfacing, did you also press your seams open like she did?
0.8152 I agree, the whiskers and fur look SO GOOD!

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-0.9228 I've heard so many horror stories about badly made knock off dresses and when you're on a budget even $160 is a lot to lose if the dress turns out horrible.
-0.7579 Lots of people have a misunderstanding of depression.
-0.6486 No need to attack poor/u/svs940a.
-0.5719 Depression is treatable with therapy.
-0.5574 If you're still having troubles, I wold make sure your bobbin is wound tightly, and change to a brand new needle, maybe the one you are using is somehow damaged.
-0.5197 The only difficulty would be gathering and washing everything yourself, but the plus side is if you accidentally break anything, you don't have to pay the rental company's breakage fees either.
-0.4926 Plus, it would suck to have to get rid of your cat!
-0.3875 Next time I think I will try a different technique because I learned that I do not enjoy trimming a million little HSTs at all.
-0.3867 It couldn't be easier!
-0.3818 Other people make quilts only for show and would be upset at any wear and tear on their quilt.
-0.3818 I have to disagree, my rice cooker has a single cook button, and I cook all kinds of meals in it.
-0.3612 I have a Brother and I did *something* to mess up the needle position so that it was always too far left.