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0.8932 Hope this helps, and good luck!
0.8537 Very nice beat, quirky visuals, and all-in-all, really fun to play.
0.8516 I loved the mechanics, and all-in-all, it was great!
0.8225 Other than than, fun to play, and funny to watch those little people dance on the sides.
0.8126 The music is great, and the gameplay is fun.
0.8047 Very cool and awesome level!
0.7959 And thanks for the warm welcome to this subreddit!
0.7901 I liked the design of the airship, and it was also fun and challenging!
0.7841 Really easy to get perfect on.
0.7783 Jk, but I loved this idea.
0.7773 Very good level with Fun with Big Mario and SMW Basic!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 At first with this game, I was having a hard because I kept failing.
-0.5499 But over time, I eventually got and, but it still gives me trouble.
-0.3919 They were planning on doing a Reverse Cup in Double Dash, but was cut for some reason.
-0.3612 The timing with the clapping always got me, and I always mess up.
-0.3182 Bacteria, Coin Toss, Clap Trap, and Chicken Race, a new one.
-0.284 Can't get a superb on the GBA version, but somehow got it on the Wii version.
-0.2732 Yeah, the final boss can be a bit of a pain.
-0.25 It seems to be stuck with the 'M' in the cloud loading screen for me.
-0.2263 Guess I should put my hidden blocks that doesn't interfere with the player.
-0.1419 Beat is simple, not too hard, not too easy, but just right.
-0.1027 This one for me, it's hard.
0.0 Link Crossing the Hebra