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0.9564 Thanks, already been inspired as I've just found how useful LCDs are and also found a neat trick using spotlights with the new lighting that gives rooms a really cool look :D
0.8958 That is very true but in honesty I also enjoy the really bad pun of having a hanger ;) haha
0.891 Hey guys, been enjoying gorging myself on your many amazing creations in the past week or so that I've been playing.
0.8779 Being the nice guy I am I decided to share this app with a few friends which would have been fine providing they didn't also share it with their friends....
0.8649 Hey know everyone's asking but if you have a spare I'd appreciate a go of this =)
0.8381 Ah I doubt it haha but I appreciate the compliment
0.8378 Thought I would share my little cliff side base so far. Enjoy :)
0.836 Ah I'm sure there's some setting off but pretty sure the presets on ultra.
0.8316 Haha your not far off but I definitely like some of the bulgarian cuisine
0.8176 Ah alright nah just the normal one then haha I've loved it though it was my first proper gaming card.
0.8126 Hey you should try rec room, I'm having great fun with paintball game in it.

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-0.8074 I did this sorta crap when I was younger, as someone who used very poor keyloggers this was hell haha
-0.7783 no problem the new system is still a tad buggy so if it doesn't seem to work try moving the block a little until it goes green.
-0.6808 talking frome xperience here it'd be hell
-0.6124 Those bastards.
-0.5994 I knew it'd be the death of me
-0.5499 I liked new Vegas but at the same time I felt a bit cheated, the entire game you just basically go in a large spiral around the map and unless you knew how you were always locked into it.
-0.5319 I bought a vive just recently and only just realised i never got the new one :L
-0.4767 I've found that underhand throws work in every case I've come across, also saves my cables which I've suspended from the roof
-0.4404 Remove center block 3.
-0.4404 Place spotlight facing down on the block you just place
-0.4215 I generally did forward about three blocks at a time then place the blocks if that makes sense.
-0.3182 God damnit CRM Sync Problems...