/u/scubadger is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 I've largely lost hope. If the Democrats can make substantial gains in 2018, maybe. I've also largely lost hope in the Democratic Party as well, though.
0.8074 That would guarantee them control for decades, and they could effectively block any reform that would allow a for healthy third party participation.
0.802 Otherwise his employers should be able to make whatever decision they deem in the best interest of their company.
0.7184 MAGA here is probably happily reporting all your posts while getting you riled up enough to keep going and you're getting played.
0.5859 Its just like the original, only more orange and teal, and the 5 note sequence is now just a BRAAAAAAM.
0.5423 Tuh_Dunnald: The Subreddit of Peace
0.5267 the second amendment lobby gets what they want, business gets the deregulation they want, etc. meanwhile, the democratic party has strict purity tests that push people away.
0.5106 And I'll bet that I can pick a name which would make any arbitrary person on reddit cheer for CNN to release that name .
0.4973 PSA: [don't drink that racist coffee]
0.4939 The Republican health care plan is basically "second amendment remedies".
0.4939 Its pretty unlikely anything will happen until then.

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-0.9659 Rapists and murders in prison will kill pedophiles, and these are people who find nothing wrong with "kill your wife?
-0.886 If you get cancer and are poor, go buy a cheap handgun and suck on a bullet.
-0.886 And these are people who regularly argue that libruls need to toughen up and that women who get raped were asking for it, and that if you do the crime you need to do the time.
-0.7843 Thinking that Republicans will wake up tomorrow and be worse than that isn't a useful argument to make, you're just being as bad as they are.
-0.743 it was probably stolen by someone who doesn't speak english and badly copypasta'd some text into it .
-0.7269 Remember that time the Clintons lost $70,000 in a land deal and Republicans turned it into a multi-year witch hunt that only found evidence that they lost money on a business investment?
-0.7178 If Trump fires Mueller and suffers no repercussions and the midterms don't result in a Democratic congress and impeachment, then I suspect the intelligence community will act more aggressively.
-0.6908 There's no crime here, because there isn't.
-0.6901 CNN merely *threatened* to expose one of you and you're losing your fucking minds over it, which should indicate to you that you should fucking stop posting to TD.
-0.6801 I'm currently able to find common ground with Bill Kristol. This is some weird fucking shit.
-0.6597 Cancer Inst.
-0.6597 Cannabis use and cancer.