/u/scubadger is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 Generally the best approach is to not react at all to the dog, don't make eye contact, don't try to pet, but to put your hand out so that they can smell you as you run by.
0.7717 Paul Krugman sells great to college educated upper middle class intellectuals with jobs not so much to the working class.
0.7579 I don't generally use a fist, but present the back of my hand above the top knuckles.
0.7003 cop is still slightly behind the truck when there's clear visibility of the road in front and the cop is crawling pretty slowly.
0.6908 This approach also usually keeps their master calm as well, which keeps the whole situation calm.
0.6793 delivery is wrong, need something more like: Joe: I sent Trump plane tickets for the BBQ Obama: That's a nice gestu... Joe: United. Obama: Joe!
0.6249 It'd be great if redistricting gets fixed.
0.6124 The fact that the amt bumped up his taxes that year from something like 5% to 25% is not a non story, when that is part of the tax code he'd like to do away with.
0.5784 They want jobs and want their kids not die in foreign lands.
0.5719 Helps to also signal your intention to undertake with an indicator of your own as well so that if there's a third car behind you they don't try to bolt around both cars.
0.5445 Definitely isn't going to cut it to just have a couple of kids.

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-0.9485 any oncoming traffic that would fail to avoid the cop doing that pass would also fail to avoid a broken down car there, accident in the road, etc.
-0.9186 Trying to understand this guy's "logic" that someone hurts him, so he's going to kill someone and blame it on the other person and make them feel guilty.
-0.8696 "you stupid cunt" need to get one of your kids to wash your mouth out with soap there. and the reason we don't like your kids is that we're all afraid they're going to grow up just like you.
-0.8689 No, you're slicing it up according to race, which isn't trying to search for a solution, its actually racist and is blaming the problem on skin color.
-0.8442 Blaming the media after losing an election is like blaming the refs after losing the game.
-0.8442 If you'd solve the problem of people living in poverty in urban centers then the "Black Murder Rate" issue would solve itself. E.g.
-0.8074 The lesser evil voting is what has people disillusioned.
-0.743 Under those conditions its not just metal and paint and some money and insurance claims and time at risk, its broken bones, concussions, amputated limbs and organ donation at risk.
-0.7096 * Bombing shit and killing people as the only route to higher approval ratings
-0.6739 WTF is "based"?
-0.6597 That was in the context of arguing that the American press regularly distorts and engages in propaganda that is pro-American.
-0.6428 Fillibuster-proof Democratic congress could fix all this shit.