/u/scubadger is kind of a dick.

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0.802 "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
0.7845 They run around and yell that they're the only ones in the world who care about Seth Rich. But Seth Rich is dead and unfortunately beyond our care.
0.7366 Its not brain dead stupid.
0.7351 I wonder if the DLC will work for them or not given that all the free mods probably have better content.
0.7269 Seth rich looks exactly like a botched robbery.
0.7218 alfaro i like but he's still wet behind the ears, as is fischer. plus alonso and dempsey got rested. we had a really good first half before they picked the lock on our backline.
0.7096 a person talking about encouraging a primary opponent to a neolib like pelosi probably isn't a neolib...
0.7003 The better tactic is to primary democrats in safe districts.
0.6597 At best you come off like you want other people to do your homework and research for you, and at worst you do look like a concern troll.
0.6597 Ultimately the way to get better Democratic presidential candidates is to primary someone like Nancy Pelosi.
0.6249 It'd make for a great screenplay...

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-0.9092 For people that view more drone strikes as being evil and less drone strikes as good, that's actual evil.
-0.8765 then lacerations from the bite, but it wasn't really trying to eat or kill her. this was the sea lion equivalent of "fuck off asswipes" only they can weigh like 1,000 lbs and have sharp teeth.
-0.849 His family, however, is very much alive and they've got no problems shitting all over the family. It couldn't be much clearer that they're using a tragedy for their political agenda.
-0.8162 And we're watching the US intelligence agencies fight back against them. In a way we might be lucky that El Cheese Dorito Grande got elected and managed to fuck up so terribly badly.
-0.8126 His policies are alt-right, he lied about enough shit that some easily confused people confused him with Bernie.
-0.765 That's some serious "never get involved in a land war in Asia" level of mistake right there.
-0.7506 Getting to the point where I'm starting to hope Trump takes away their healthcare and they die of cancer.
-0.7096 They fought, he got shot, the robber ran away.
-0.7003 They've been too busy screaming about Seth Rich, they have literally no idea who the hell this guy is .
-0.6908 People that go to war with the US intelligence agencies are also known to die from time to time.
-0.6808 You're going to hell.
-0.6808 And there's a particular circle of hell for the people who see cars ahead of them zipper merge 'early' and then race to the head of the line.