/u/scrandle is very positive!

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0.9764 Hi, Im Cali :D I love fitness, nutrition, porn, stuff related to the medical field, animals, netflix, tequila, and foooood :) Im sweet, open minded, and love to make other people happy!
0.9191 lmao, this was great :D
0.8868 And nahhh, I wish I looked as good as that fine lady :D
0.875 Thanks for the love <3
0.8687 Honestly, we can do pretty much anything that you think would be fun!
0.8519 I love all the awesome booties on Reddit
0.8505 She has my favorite booty ever, so that's a hugeeee compliment that you thought it was me <3
0.8439 Awwww <3 <3 You're too sweet!
0.8286 LOL I love this gif so much
0.8103 not the mess I was expecting, but I do love cats
0.7968 oooof, mine is def not the best, but thanks for the compliment!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 Yoooo, your hamstrings are killer, as is your ass ;)
-0.6784 I hate when that happens!!!
-0.5848 Let us fuck!
-0.5423 Is that an exponential fuck?
-0.4571 [I've got full frontal on my subreddit, but it doesn't really fit here on asstastic :P]
-0.296 Ahhhhh, omg stop it you already know my feelings for you
-0.1982 The download times are what take so damn long. Anywaysssss, my favorite cake is ice cream cake!
-0.1779 It would be weird if I didn't have a butt shot in there hehehe
-0.1759 Nah, that's what drake did a few days ago!
0.0 booty out there~
0.0 Don't you know...
0.0 girls don't fart