/u/scrandle is very positive!

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0.9524 All content will be shot lips down. Thank you for the love and support <3 <3 <3
0.9524 All content will be shot lips down. Thank you for the love and support <3 <3 <3
0.9229 But that will be the extent of the free content unless we can make the AMA happen!! Thank you all so much for all of your continued love and support.
0.9059 It's totally fine that you reposted it :) Thanks for giving me credit, though!
0.8655 Thank you all so much for your continued love and support!
0.864 And thank you, you're so sweet :)
0.8519 I love all the awesome booties on Reddit
0.8494 You da best :D
0.8439 Awwww <3 <3 You're too sweet!
0.8286 LOL I love this gif so much
0.8133 I kinda like "booty chain" but it's probably called a "hip necklace" like you suggested :)

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-0.886 Don't feel bad at all!! I thought it was "not in the best way" because when I lose weight, I lose it from my boobs usually and sometimes my ass :o hehe
-0.7476 There's absolutely no reason to be so rude.
-0.7351 You don't have to ever worry about offending me.
-0.6256 I did lose a little bit of weight and not in a good way.
-0.5848 Let us fuck!
-0.5423 WHAT THE FUCK.
-0.5423 Is that an exponential fuck?
-0.4414 It's 100% okay if you don't agree with how we have gone about doing this, but there's no reason to put us down.
-0.34 The second video will be a lingerie/strap on themed shoot.
-0.34 We will be doing a Lingerie/Strap On themed shoot.
-0.296 Ahhhhh, omg stop it you already know my feelings for you
-0.1779 It would be weird if I didn't have a butt shot in there hehehe