/u/sclwt1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8834 i wish you to have a day as beautiful as your wonderful boobs
0.836 I would love to lick your wonderful pussy and cum on it
0.8316 wow what a gorgeous view.
0.8201 I like your black and white pics but now i can see your freckles, i love it.
0.8176 I would love to have fun with you
0.8173 Wow you're so sexy
0.802 Wow you're sexy.
0.7906 I hope you will have a great day.
0.7845 Happy birthday sweetie.
0.7845 you're always beautiful and smiling.
0.7845 i wish you the best fap.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5848 What an ass!
-0.4588 Instead you can have my dick or whatever you want
-0.168 I am unfortunately not alone right now.
0.0 I could eat your pussy till you have an orgasm.
0.0 and it will be just the beginning...
0.0 I think you should continue
0.0 And your ass...wow
0.0 If I cum on your lips and you are on your knees, maybe there will also be on your boobs.
0.0 a full view of your dress.
0.0 You're a goddess.
0.0 Stay in bed!
0.0 He also sprayed your butthole