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0.9563 C4s is great for traffic but mv is so simple and beautifully designed, I'm so glad a fan pointed it out to me.
0.9451 With someone with clearly broken English pretending to be me in the comments like "yes thank I love your big boob too please click link" haha.
0.9353 School was cool but I'll be more impressed when I find the perfect job to apply it all :-)
0.92 Those lovely veins aren't like drawn on or anything, just the contrast/filter of the pic is a bit tweaked and it makes em extra glorious :) it's pretty minor.
0.9094 Thank you :D I'm glad it came out OK
0.9049 Awww you're a sweetheart, FUCKYOUINYOURFACE <3 :D
0.8957 Thank you sweetheart I appreciate it :-)
0.8941 :D this made me happy haha
0.872 Bit of messy work and experimenting lol but if you're into DIY it's pretty fun and 90% cheaper.
0.872 I'm not, I basically kept it going for my own amusement after weaning, and to create erotic content tbh, it's fun :)
0.8636 I try to think up creative ways to keep my stuff interesting from time to time :D

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-0.6808 I mean it's *kiiinda* hokey, as I'm quoting Titanic, but I think most who've followed me a while are used to my lame quips and puns and whatnot heh
-0.6478 At the end of my pumping vids I usually end up sucking out more with my own mouth to get them closer to empty and I can suck out several more stubborn ounces the pump stops :)
-0.6249 :'( *dries tears with boobs*
-0.539 Literally *thousands* of stores were looted or burned down during those uprisings, far more property damage compared to the small amount today.
-0.5091 Ooh kinda jealous of her nipples tbh,lovely!!
-0.4939 I'm sorry :(
-0.4588 I always thought my voice was obnoxious
-0.4588 And do you have a source for white people getting attacked for being white by blm in Michigan?
-0.457 Seriously, regardless of geography you can't honestly judge such a huge group/movement by the acts of a few provacatuers when 99.9% of the events aren't like this snippet.
-0.4404 No one really refers to men as "the males" because it also sounds weird.
-0.3923 We could even teach boys and girls to not leave absurdly off-topic, derailing logically fallacious comments on discussion forums in lame attempts to troll while we're at it.
-0.3818 Weird it musta been delayed.