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0.9563 C4s is great for traffic but mv is so simple and beautifully designed, I'm so glad a fan pointed it out to me.
0.9428 That was highly entertaining, always love seeing women being gorgeous *and* having fun.
0.9353 School was cool but I'll be more impressed when I find the perfect job to apply it all :-)
0.92 Those lovely veins aren't like drawn on or anything, just the contrast/filter of the pic is a bit tweaked and it makes em extra glorious :) it's pretty minor.
0.9136 If you're considering that method, I'll chip in $20 towards the pump cost if you promise to keep us up to date on progress :) Sorry again for length, and good luck to ya
0.91 Idk your height, but at like 5'6 you could gain 30 lbs from 112 and be well within the recommended range.
0.9094 Thank you :D I'm glad it came out OK
0.9049 Awww you're a sweetheart, FUCKYOUINYOURFACE <3 :D
0.8957 Thank you sweetheart I appreciate it :-)
0.8941 :D this made me happy haha
0.8906 Heck, eating two avocados a day would add nearly 600 calories--almost a Whopper's worth! 112 lbs and a D is a good sign that you will carry weight well and is a great starting point!

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-0.7906 Your trolling is bad and you should feel bad.
-0.765 When are you ever gonna stop being a twat?
-0.6808 I mean it's *kiiinda* hokey, as I'm quoting Titanic, but I think most who've followed me a while are used to my lame quips and puns and whatnot heh
-0.6478 At the end of my pumping vids I usually end up sucking out more with my own mouth to get them closer to empty and I can suck out several more stubborn ounces the pump stops :)
-0.6369 *Could* be something incurable like being the type of grown ass man to emulate a 14 year old edgelord online :'( RIP....... Edit: also, whale?
-0.6249 :'( *dries tears with boobs*
-0.539 Literally *thousands* of stores were looted or burned down during those uprisings, far more property damage compared to the small amount today.
-0.5091 Ooh kinda jealous of her nipples tbh,lovely!!
-0.4939 I'm sorry :(
-0.4767 But yanno, could be worse.
-0.4588 I always thought my voice was obnoxious
-0.4588 And do you have a source for white people getting attacked for being white by blm in Michigan?